P.S.H Therapy

//P.S.H Therapy

PSH Therapy (Private Subconscious-mind Healing) – it is not necessary to analyse and probe what is often sensitive personal information in order for inner change to happen.

23 03, 2011

Emotions, chronic pain, can hypnosis help?

Emotional pain can cause chronic pain, but can it be reversed with hypnosis? Most back pain and other forms of

23 03, 2011

PSH Therapy – Emotional Healing book

PSH therapy for emotional healing, brings quick and permanent resolution to problems clients have been struggling with for many years. In a time of emotional health dissatisfaction, PSH holds the key to unlock thousands from their mental, emotional and often physical pain.

2 11, 2009

Can our thoughts influence our health?

Over recent years, many mainstream medical practitioners as well as alternative therapists have been endorsing the theory that negative thoughts

2 11, 2004

Hypnotherapy harmonises the mind

Can Hypnotherapy create mind harmony? Many of us are now striving toward a more harmoniously balanced lifestyle, by taking positive

2 05, 2004

Hypnotherapy – Dispelling the stigma of mood disorders

Statistics show that mood disorders such as depression, panic attacks and anxiety are on the increase and becoming more widespread.

2 12, 2003

Healing without trauma – PSH Therapy

In recent times health professionals have understood that the road to good emotional health lies not in reliving trauma or