HypnoBirth CD Feedback

//HypnoBirth CD Feedback

HypnoBirth cd feedback, birth stories and benefits gained to achieve calm births

9 12, 2010

Birthing cd, Birth a labour of love

Ellen wrote about the "Birth - A Labour of Love" CD: "I have lovely memories of preparing for both of my

5 04, 2010

Hypnobirthing facilitates a relaxed and positive attitude

You will be pleased to know that the CD "Mothers Devotion and Love" is of great benefit. I actually really

19 02, 2010

I thrived during the hypno-birthing experience

We're thrilled with the outcome of our birth experience and the help we received from your birth CDs. Divinitity is

17 02, 2010

I found the hypno-birth cd useful, this labour was much calmer

Yes you are correct in assuming that I found the hypno-birth cd useful. I had a boy, so my husband

5 02, 2010

Birth with love, a hypnobirthing birth

Hypnobirthing is transforming the world one baby at a time. Imagine a world populated by people who were born in a moment full only of love and divinity, connected and whole. We wish for you a birthing story like this devine, fear-free hypnobirthing story.

6 01, 2010

Calm and comfortable birth

Thanks to the "Birth - A Labour of Love" CD, I have had a calm and comfortable birth. A peaceful