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HypnoBirthing Origins

hypnobirthing bookcoverThe HypnoBirthing Course was developed in the USA in 1989 by Marie Mongan. The Hypnobirth philosophy is based on the work of an obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, the early promoter of Natural Childbirth. Dr. Read coined the phrase Fear-Tension-Pain, which he found to be the underlying reason for pain in childbirth. Marie Mongan added self-hypnosis, combined with Dr. Reads findings, to help women around the Globe have an easier more comfortable and calm birth. HypnoBirthing practitioners are currently working throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Canada and Europe.

“As a birth method, HypnoBirthing is new as tomorrow & as old as ancient times.” ~ Marie Mongan

Hypnobirthing is not meant to replace the valuable assistance that obstetricians and midwives can provide. Should special circumstances arise, the midwives are on hand to deal with a mum who is relaxed, focused and in control, rather than someone who is panicky, in pain and out of control.

Hypnobirthing can help to make your whole birthing experience easier and more comfortable for yourself, your baby and everyone involved.

Written by: Katherine Ferris,
Hypnobirthing Coach and clinical hypnotherapist