Massaging certain acupressure points is extremely useful when you are over the due date – meaning past 40 weeks. Please be mindful not to start massaging these points too early during your pregnancy, it is only to be used when you are overdue.

In other words, do not massage these points until you are ready to give birth. Massage each point for about 10 minutes at a time.

This video also shows some other useful points to massage on the lower legs. Stimulating these can assist the baby to drop down into the pelvis, if baby is sitting quite high just before birth.

Another acupressure point; this time on the toe of the foot. When stimulated and massaged it can help turn a breech baby, or help baby into the perfect position for birth.

You will learn how to release stress and anxiety in pregnancy and how to keep the fluid build up in the legs to a minimum.

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