EFT ‘Psychological acupuncture’ can stop food cravings

EFT tapping is a form of emotional acupuncture which may be the answer for overweight men and women struggling to give food cravings the flick.

According to new research at Griffith University psychologist Dr Peta Stapleton said cravings for comfort foods such as chocolate, chips, cakes and sugary soft drinks could be more easily overcome by “psychological acupuncture”.

Dr Stapleton said the process, currently being tested on the Gold Coast, involves stimulating pressure points with gentle tapping instead of needles.

“Psychological acupuncture can help over-ride our emotional and physiological responses to different stimuli including food,” she said.

“It requires some focus and training but is otherwise an easy, practical and painless way of managing body and mind issues.”

She said the EFT tapping technique had already been used to manage anxieties, phobias and debilitating symptoms such as flashbacks associated with post traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans.

But Dr Stapleton, who is the president of the Eating Disorders Association of Queensland, said the technique could also be helpful to those battling obesity.

“We want to show that this technique can help people better manage the food cravings that can be an obstacle to weight loss,” she said.

“As well as resulting in healthier eating, we expect people to benefit from improved energy levels and psychological wellbeing.”