Calm Birth! Is it possible to be calm in labour?

Most people have the belief that giving birth is painful. As a childbirth educator, I know first hand, that this is NOT the case for some women! Women, who are properly prepared physically, emotionally and spiritually, can give birth in a calm way – the way nature had intended. Here is a story from a recent first time mum:

Childbirth course for natural birth - hypnobirthing“Finally I seem to have a moment to write and tell you all about the wonderful birth I had. I’m a very proud mother of a beautiful baby girl, who is calm and contented, all due I’m sure to the lovely calm birth that we had. I would really like to be able to help as many women as possible to have the experience of a natural and calm birth as we did. Both Andy and I would like to thank you for the wonderful Hypnobirthing classes. Without the relaxation techniques my relatively quick and easy 9 hour birth would have been a very different (and far more painful) experience I am sure.

We called the Birth Centre to let them know that I had gone into full labour with contractions one minute apart, but on hearing how calm I was they suggested we stay at home for a while longer and so I got into the bath with some relaxing music in the background. Andy practiced the light touch massage you tought him and it certainly worked, in fact so much so that I wouldn’t let him leave my side!

The labour progressed quickly and I soon found myself unable to keep still during the surges. This is when I really noticed how wonderful the hypnobirthing technique was. When I was relaxed and concentrating on my breathing and thinking “let go” the contractions seemed just like powerful waves, but when I began to worry about getting dressed and ready for the car journey the pain was quite unbearable!

Within the hour of arrival at the hospital I gave birth and it wasn’t too long before I could hold my lovely baby for the first time. A moment I will never forget.

Anwen is such a calm and contented baby and I’m sure we have the relaxation techniques taught during the hypnobirthing classes to thank for that, so again, thankyou so much and to anyone thinking of trying Hypnobirthing we would definitely recommend it!”

Written by Katherine Ferris.

This article originally appeared in the Wellbeing column of the February 2006 issue of theThe Glenorian Gazette.

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