Attention Deficit Disorder – ADD and Hypnotherapy

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Hypnotherapy

The symptoms of ADD in children or adults could be described as the need for attention expressed in an unhealthy way. Children and adults can also display signs of aggression and disruptive or destructive behaviour. To manage their behaviour many are prescribed drugs. This however is not a justifiable alternative for children, because they can suffer many side effects, as a result. Hypnosis can be a much more effective and natural alternative.

When children believe they are not chronically bad, hopeless or useless and don’t need to be fixed with medication, behaviours such as ADD can change. An effective drug free alternative is hypnotherapy. There are many things that adult’s do that exacerbate the problem of misbehaviour and in particular the symptoms of ADD. Certainly they don’t consciously want to, it’s just that they may not understand how the subconscious mind works. Parents and teachers must understand the power of their words. Just as importantly they must understand how suggestible children are. Repeating suggestions of what you DON’T want the child to do will only create more of the same problem.

Children can be taught how to behave in a healthy way, although it takes a dedicated effort by parents to also change their attitude in the way they interact with their children. No doubt some of you may have seen the television series ‘Super Nanny’ and the way children will respond and calm down, when the parents learn how to cope and be consistent with the discipline and routine.

Of course it is not so easy to get a ‘super nanny’ to come to your house and help you fix the problems; no doubt you wish it were that easy. So what options are there for parents who are dedicated and wish to provide their child the best opportunity to change behaviour without relying on drugs?

Research at Washington University shows that there is an improvement in behaviour when the therapy is focused on improved communication between children and parents. Therapy includes working with both parents and children, starting with the parents first. Structured in such a way so as to inform and teach parents about the power of their words and actions, helping them to find new ways of communicating, to empower their children to feel and behave in a constructive and calm way.

Hypnotherapy is used to also help parents and children develop an inner confidence and necessary skills to cope more efficiently. Children and parents can then create what they need, to help them feel capable, worthy and form loving relationships.