Chronic Fatigue and hypnosis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and hypnosis…

chronic fatigue hypnosis can helpIn May this year, one of our regular readers wrote: “On each distribution of the local magazine the “Glenorian” I find myself immediately turning first to your informative column and wish to express my appreciation for your articles. Your subject in the April, 2004 issue particularly interested me as it touched on one symptom I live with daily, being lymphatic blockage.” She went on to say that she suffers Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and that she has been incapacitated and confined to bed for many years. She wonders if hypnosis can be of help.

She believes that her condition resulted from exposure to toxic chemicals. Not too surprising really, when we consider that we are constantly bombarded with toxins in the food we eat and drink and in the air that we breathe. Recently, the use of fire retardant materials in our homes, furniture and clothing has been questioned as a possible health hazard.

The reader went on to say that she has difficulty understanding why people can accept that a person can have an intolerance to peanut butter, bee stings, etc. but cannot accept her condition as being genuine. She is made to feel her condition is all imagined and that she is somewhat lazy and unmotivated.

Many people (including medical practitioners) believe that Chronic Fatigue is all in the mind and according to one medical publication: “many orthodox medical practitioners prescribe anti-depressant drugs for the treatment of Chronic Fatigue, even though Double-blind clinical trials have concluded that anti-depressant drugs do NOT alleviate any of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. In fact the trials showed that it causes patients to experience tremor and excessive perspiration.”

So, is Chronic Fatigue imaginary? Can hypnosis be of help?

There is much evidence to suggest that it is not imaginary and that it may be caused by many influences such as exposure to toxic chemicals, diseases such as glandular fever and many other health conditions.

Chronic Fatigue is described as involving constant, disabling fatigue that is not relieved by bed rest. There is presently no agreement within medical or naturopathic disciplines, as to the cause of Chronic Fatigue. It affects 0.3% to 1.0% of the population of western nations and primarily afflicts (white) women between the ages 25 and 45 (it occurs in women 1½ times more often than it occurs in men).

On the up side, there is clinical evidence that some natural dietary supplements, such as oleuropein (olive leaf extract), can alleviate the symptoms. Many sufferers have reported success with Hypnotherapy. Others have found remedies and self-healing treatments such as Ayurvedic medicine and Private Subconscious-mind Healing (PSH) to have been of help. This leads us to conclude that healing can be initiated through the mind and the body. As we said in the October issue of the Glenorian, we often hear people talk of the mental/physical connection or the body/mind connection but, whatever we call it, it’s the same thing. The mind and body are made up of the same materials and influence each other.

The word “syndrome” is commonly used when there is no currently known cause of the ailment and is used in the description of many “accepted” ailments. So let us not judge as imaginary, that which we do not yet understand.

This article appeared in the Glenorian local paper in Nov 2011. Readers are invited to participate, by writing to us with their thoughts or comments and to request topics of interest, relating to health issues.