Hypnotherapy for self confidence

self-confidence with hypnotherapy

People from all walks of life develop negative beliefs that lead them to be less assertive and lack self-confidence. 

Some people are afraid to be assertive because it may lead to conflict and they want to avoid conflict at all costs. However, this can create long term resentments and can erode ones confidence and self-respect.

Many people come to see me for Hypnotherapy to help them regain self-confidence, to become self-assured, stress free and to think positively and assertively.

Hypnotherapy can restore self-confidence

Hypnotherapy helps address underlying limiting beliefs that interfere with self respect and self-confidence. Negative beliefs that can erode self-confidence include:

  • to say NO is selfish
  • asking something of others is self centered
  • my needs are not as important as others
  • what if someone gets upset with me
  • I am not good enough
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I’ll mess it up

Lets face it, most of us will worry about standing up for ourselves to some degree. But, if you are frequently stuck with negative thoughts, or fearful of the consequences of asserting yourself; then hypnotherapy can be helpful to counteract some of your misleading beliefs and worries.

Hypnotherapy can help modify those beliefs that keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your goals.  Keep in mind that giving yourself permission to act in your best interest, is a great way to balance out the high sensitivity to the needs of others.

Self-confidence develops with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can restore a persons self-confidence and help them act in their own best interests. Subsequently, inner strength and acceptance can develop, such as:

  • It is OK to express my needs
  • My needs are as important as others
  • It is OK to have my needs met
  • It is helpful to work out my differences with people I care about
  • Discussing and resolving differences can increase intimacy
  • I have a right to assert myself, even if it may inconvenience others
  • I am under no obligation to say yes, simply because I am asked
  • Saying no does not make me selfish
  • I can feel good about myself, even if someone is annoyed with me

When you notice that you’re worried or feeling guilty, practice repeating some of the above affirmations and notice how much better you feel afterwards. Many people have also found that listening to a hypnotherapy Self-confidence CD can restore their self-confidence.

Written by: Katherine Ferris
Clinical Hypnotherapist