Hypnotherapy helps Postnatal Depression

Depression takes many forms, including depression in pregnancy. Prenatal and Postnatal emotional health is vital for a healthy mum and baby.

For many decades people just like you and me, at some point in their lives have found themselves suffering with depression. Some have looked into a variety of treatment options and have chosen to use hypnotherapy as a natural alternative to the medical alternative. Hypnotherapy is a short term therapy, requires no medication and is of help to men and women from all walks of life, particularly pregnant women.

hypnotherapy improves low moods and postnatal depressionA recent study at Yale university suggests that taking antidepressants during pregnancy raises risks of premature birth, although ‘depression itself’ does not increase these risks.

The study indicates women need not worry though, they are not compromising their pregnancy because they are depressed. But women need to be more aware of alternative options to antidepressants. When weighing up whether or not to take medication for depression, women should be advised about potential risks of premature birth.

Research team at Yale university studied around 3,000 pregnant women, including those diagnosed as being depressed during pregnancy. After collecting data, such as; age, health, work history, medication/drug use and socioeconomic status; they found no association between depression and premature birth.

However, they did find a significant risk of premature birth among those who were taking antidepressants. So should depressed women take antidepressants? But of course, this is for you to decide.

In conclusion, it is important to say that Hypnotherapy itself carries no health risk in pregnancy.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is beneficial in relieving prenatal and postnatal depression. Hypnosis helps with low moods, improves coping skills necessary for healthy mums during pregnancy and childbirth.

Hypnobirthing is equally of help to women suffering with prenatal depression and helps them deal with fear of giving birth. You owe it to yourself and your baby to find out more about these natural methods of emotional healing.

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Written by: Katherine Ferris,
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Coach