Self Hypnosis – a pastime for yuppies or a real health benefit?

Self-hypnosis and meditation benefits…

Many people have preconceived ideas about various aspects of meditation and self hypnosis. Some think its about sitting cross-legged making ‘ohm’ sounds. Then there are those who misunderstand self hypnosis and its benefits and, assume sitting and visualising is a waste of time. Most people tend to believe they have no time to sit quietly, doing nothing.

But, is that what self hypnosis and meditation is… doing nothing?

Not as far as latest research indicates. Scientists are discovering that our cells are in constant two-way communication, a bit like traffic on a busy highway. They’ve discovered that the nervous system and all our organs are transmitting messages and the immune system is involved in this network of communication. For the flow to run smoothly we have to make sure we do not create a traffic jam, because stress and trauma can produce an information overload. Pockets of blocked emotion held in the body, can cause a breakdown in the free flow of energy and adversely affect our general health.

Self hypnosis and meditation have many health benefits, and just one of them is to release blocked emotions. Clearing away stress also helps us unwind. In fact, unwind to such a degree, that we begin to deal with hectic daily demands, much more efficiently.

Not taking time out for quiet contemplation can lead to an accumulation of excess stress, which may be the cause of road rage, anxiety and worry, just to name a few symptoms most of us know only too well.

Rather than consider self hypnosis or meditation to be time consuming… time we can ill afford, we could consider it to be a natural remedy that helps us overcome the pressure cooker, in which we sometimes find ourselves.

Another well-researched and scientifically supported benefit during self hypnosis and meditation our nervous system produces endorphins, the “feel good” chemicals, which enhance our mood and feelings of wellbeing. Good feelings breed good health.

Some people say the easiest way to benefit is to listen to a Guided Hypnosis cd before sleep. It helps you switch off and drift into a deep sleep. Many report not only sleeping much better but waking up more refreshed.

When we calm down our thoughts, we feel more peaceful and  subsequently we have more energy to think clearer and complete tasks more efficiently. Almost reminds you of the old fable “the tortoise and the hare”?

After all is said and done, remind yourself; “we are human Beings not human Doings.” Because life is more than just doing, take time out for being… being calm, being stress free and enjoying life. And yes! Take time for self hypnosis and meditate.

“Written by: Katherine Ferris, Clinical Hypnotherapist”

This article originally appeared in the Wellbeing column of the March 2004 issue of the The Glenorian Gazette.