Quit smoking quickly with hypnosis

///Quit smoking quickly with hypnosis

Quit smoking quickly with hypnosis

Need help to Quit Smoking quickly? Hypnotherapy can be your answer…

hypnotherapy to quit smokingAre you more than ever concerned about cigarette smoking and its effects on your health? No doubt, you have read about the many health risks associated with smoking. Every packet of cigarettes now carries a warning. For instance, you probably know that cigarette smoke contains around 2000 harmful substances, toxins and chemicals. Some of the most harmful and toxic are probably tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide.

Nevertheless, you are still finding it difficult to give up smoking. Well, you are not alone; thousands are hooked and looking for safe and permanent ways to quit smoking… hypnosis can help.

Why is it so difficult to Quit Smoking on your own?
To quit smoking can seem difficult. There are many people who stop smoking only to find they take it up again. Smoking is a habit that is difficult to overcome by willpower alone. To help you quit there are many preparations, substances and methods available in the marketplace, although some of these may not be safe or recommended because of associated side effects.

Quit Smoking and Hypnosis
The health benefits for stopping smoking with hypnosis are immense. This is particularly true for anyone already suffering from ill health. Those suffering from ill health need support and a healthy alternative like hypnotherapy which is ideal to help them stop smoking.

Smoking, just like all habits, is a repetitive ‘program’ your mind is running, much like a computer runs software – hypnosis helps the inner ‘habits’ change, thereby helping the external results to change.

Hypnosis CDs can also be very effective to help you stop smoking. Once you make the ‘inner changes’, the external changes will happen more easily. Hypnotherapy, can be a natural alternative and a permanent solution to your problem.

For more information on quitting see the Health Direct Australia website

Written by: Katherine Ferris, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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