Can our thoughts influence our health?

Over recent years, many mainstream medical practitioners as well as alternative therapists have been endorsing the theory that negative thoughts and emotions adversely affect our health. We read more and more articles showing a connection between emotions, physical...

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Hypnotism could spell end to fertility woes

Sydney Morning Herald April 8, 2007 HYPNOTHERAPY can help women overcome fertility problems and conceive, a visiting American therapist claims. Lynsi Eastburn, the founder of the hypnofertility method, believes the subconscious mind - and not a medical problem - is...

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Healing without trauma (PSH Therapy)

In recent times health professionals have understood that the road to good emotional health lies not in reliving trauma or blaming others for our problems. Emotional problems are now dealt with in a variety of ways but one method gaining in popularity is hypnosis used...

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Emotional Health and our Subconscious-mind

No doubt many of you have pondered the subject and asked yourselves this question: how can you correct persistent stress, worry or negative thoughts? Many people tell me that they have tried to be positive, however a part of them automatically takes over and dwells on...

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