HypnoBirth CD techniques helped me birth fear-free

On the 28th of November, 2005 our beautiful little daughter, Anwen was born. She arrived four days late, but in a rather unexpectedly quick 9 hour labour! Firstly, both Andy and I would like to thank you for the wonderful Hypnobirth CDs. Without the relaxation techniques the birth would have been a very different (and far more painful) experience I am sure.

I awoke in the morning with irregular tightening and believing it would be a day or so before true labour was established, as this was my first baby, Andrew went to work. At 10.30am I had to call him to let him know I could really do with his support as the contractions were strengthening and beginning to make me feel a bit nauseous. By the time he arrived home I had listened to your Hypnobirth CDs and was relaxed as the contractions became more and more regular. We called the Birth Centre to let them know that I had gone into full labour with contractions one minute apart, but on hearing how calm I was they suggested we stay at home for a while longer. So I got into the bath with some of your relaxing CDs in the background until we were ready to head off to the hospital. Unfortunately, due to the presence of meconium, Anwen’s cord had to be clamped and cut and she had to be taken for suctioning, although it wasn’t too long before I could hold my lovely baby for the first time. A moment I will never forget.

C.G – Sydney