I found the hypno-birth cd useful, this labour was much calmer

Yes you are correct in assuming that I found the hypno-birth cd useful.

I had a boy, so my husband and I now have 2 sons. I purchased “Birth a Labour of Love” when I found out I was pregnant with bub number 2. My first labour was quite normal (a text book labour) and I managed to get through with only gas and the support of my husband, mum and midwife. However I found that I was very overwhelmed by the whole process and didn’t feel it was a very calm birth.

I wanted my second son to start life in a more relaxed way, so whilst pregnant, I listened to the birth CD and practiced the techniques numerous times. I was actually quite surprised at how easy the techniques were. The birth CD not only had an instant calming effect, but I felt much more relaxed about the impending birth. I found using the breathing and visualisation techniques came easily when contractions started.

The labour was definitely much calmer, and about half the time as my first (although I’m aware that subsequent labours are often shorter) and I was able to get through without drugs or gas. In fact, my husband has told friends that labour doesn’t hurt so much second time around!

I’m hopeful that the rain mediation CD with help relieve some of the stresses involved with raising young children and going back to work.

Many thanks