I thrived during the hypno-birthing experience

We’re thrilled with the outcome of our birth experience and the help we received from your birth CDs.

Divinitity is working in wise and miraculous ways. I posted my birth experience on an expatriat web forum here and have received a couple queries from expectant mothers. And one comment of awed disbelief that I ‘survived’ 34 hours of labor without pain meds. I have better things to do than ‘survive’, I thrived during the birthing experience, feeling better after than either of my support partners, who talked with me but didn’t do the breathing.

I am going to the dentist in the near future to take care of four crowns that need replacing. In the past I’ve used valium to ease my anxiety around the dentist. Because that would not be good for our little Malcolm, I intend to use the breathing techniques during the visit.

I’ve also used them to facilitate the ease of my milk coming down during the days just following Malcolm’s birth. Interestingly, my milk came in without the typical symptom of painful, rock hard breasts that everyone told me to expect. I wasn’t sure my milk was really coming in well because I never did have this experience.

I’m not sure if this is related at all to the hypno birth techniques… I have two other tidbits to share. First, I beleive that I have healed from the normal post-pregnancy issues faster than is normal. I stopped heavy bleeding only three days after the birth. Second, I have already lost quite a bit of weight and girth. I didn’t gain very much weight, only around 9 kg. Yesterday, less than three weeks from his birth, I wore pre-pregnancy jeans! I’m not sure about my weight loss because of the temperment of the scale I have at home, but it is between 5-8 kilos.

Malcolm had his second medical checkup today. The professionals agree, he is perfect! Weighs 5.1 kg now, and has grown 1 cm since birth. At 3.5 weeks he wears 3-6 month size clothes. He has a bit of a temper when he has too many things to deal with at the same time — hunger, dirty nappy, gas pain. At these times he gets quite frustrated and insistant that things should be easier. Entirely by chance, we have discovered that if we run the vaccum cleaner when he is upset that in a moment or two he calms right down, settles into nursing, and/or goes to sleep easily. It’s quite a neat trick!

Again, many thanks for all your help. Do let me know if there is anything I can do (now or in the future) to support the Center.
All best!