Baby Dante – amazingly calm birth

Hi Katherine,

These are Jose and Vivian. We did the HypnoBirthing course with you last October, on Monday nights at Annandale.

We just wanted to let you know we had a beautiful baby boy on the 2nd of February. His name is Dante and he came 11 days before the due date!! He will be 4 weeks this Sunday and we can’t believe how fast has he grown already!!

We had an amazing birth at RPA’s Birth Centre. The labour lasted only 11 hours (I am counting from when the surges were 5 minutes apart) and I had NO stitches!!

I arrived to the hospital at 7:00am almost 4 centimetres dilated and by 3.30pm that day Dante came to the world!! Definitely the perineum massage helped tremendously! Dante weighed 3.760 kgs, and I still can’t believe how it came out so big, as I just put 8 kilos on!! I was basically belly!!

During labour I put in practice all the types of breathing we practiced at the classes. During my pregnancy Jose and I listened to the CDs you gave us, specially the one where your voice goes through the ‘imaginary birth’.

I believe this helped me to have confidence in my body and also what steps to expect when the ‘big day’ came about.

Although the last stage of the surges and the pushing stage were very painful, I never wanted to give up and I only used gas for a brief time. I will definitely do a natural birth next time!!

I felt so proud I was able to deliver Dante safely and in a natural way! I feel really lucky all came as planned and with no complications!

We are attaching a photo of the three of us; a day after Dante was born.

HypnoBirthing helped us to have an ‘open minded’ vision of what the birth is all about. It also helped us to remain calm and fearless about the whole experience. I was also lucky that no complications came about but definitely the hypnobirthing philosophy was a great help and it actually has a lot of ‘common sense’ ideas.

Hopefully, more and more couples will put in practice some of the hypnobirthing theories, so they can have an amazing and joyful birth!

With Regards
Jose, Vivian and Dante