Baby Esther hypnobirthing baby, born naturally drug-free

Hi Katherine,

We have been meaning to send something to you for ages. Busy times of late!

You (as we were) will be very pleased to hear that the birth was all natural, no drugs, no tears, very little intervention.

Sarah lost quite a bit of blood which necessitated her going on a drip to restore electrolytes and blood pressure, but apart from a couple of times where there was the threat of going across to the hospital ward, we managed to stay in the birthing centre. Birth and afterbirth delivered in an all-natural way.

Your CD played throughout the whole thing on repeat. It helped a lot.

Baby was born 3.2kg, 50cm and is growing by the day!

See you soon, I hope, and if you ever get over to Bondi, drop in for an Alexander Technique lesson or a cup of tea.

Rob and Sarah