Baby Kasia – Footling breach position birth


John and I attended your hypnobirthing classes earlier this year – which we loved. footling breach birth

I wanted to update you on the arrival of our darling little girl, Kasia.

Unfortunately Kasia remained in a footling breach position right up until birth and as such was delivered by C-section.

Whilst the hypnobirthing techniques did not come so much in to play on the big day, I did do a lot of breathing practice in the lead up which helped to keep me in a calm and relaxed state.

Kasia, at 3 weeks, has already had some 6-7 hour sleeps through the night…perhaps she also learnt something from the classes!

You are most welcome to use our story. Let me know if you need something more.

Hope that you are doing well. Would be interested in how the others in my group got on if you have any feedback from them. Couple of snaps attached.

As you can see she looks very much like her father.