Baby Lara – Caesarean birth and “calm surrender”

///Baby Lara – Caesarean birth and “calm surrender”

Baby Lara – Caesarean birth and “calm surrender”

Dear Katherine,

It was lovely to speak to you last week. Please find attached some photos of Lara, our gorgeous baby girl born on 25 Nov 04. She is a very content baby, just perfect…

We have gained such a calm outlook on life since attending the Hypnobirthing class and we were prepared to handle any situation with calm and peace. Lara was thirteen days overdue and because of health circumstances, she was born by caesarean. Despite this, we remained relaxed and surrendered to the circumstances.

Be sure to share my experience with others that attend a Hypnobirthing class. It shows that those of us that unfortunately have caesareans can still benefit from Hypnobirthing, both mother, father and child. I only regret that we didn’t know about Hypnobirthing before we had our son Marko. The peace and relaxation it brought to us was priceless!

We look forward to listening to the new relaxation CD that we have ordered from you.

Dejan and Renee (Nov 04)

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