Baby Luca – birth with epidural

Hello Katherine,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for guiding Adem and I through your HypnoBirthing class, it was wonderful and made my experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting so enjoyable.

Our little girl Luca was born on the 22nd of January 2007, two weeks overdue weighing 8.2 pounds (3.7 kilos) and 52cm long. She is a beautiful little angel and continuously gets comments from other mothers, with newborn babies, and from midwives that she is a very contented, peaceful baby which I am attributing to the hypnobirthing that I practiced from 28 weeks of pregnancy till birth.

My birthing experience was long and not what I would have ideally hoped for. However, through the surges I was at home and relaxed and comfortable and felt very prepared and excited about the birth of my baby.

As I was nearly 2 weeks overdue my mother and I had a long walk on Saturday, to try to get labour started and it worked. On Saturday evening at 6pm, I started to get surges. They were irregular – then regular – then irregular – then regular and this continued over a 24 hour period where they could be 2min apart or 8 min apart.

During this time at home I snacked on food and lots of drinks and got in and out of the shower, which was beautiful and played my hypnobirth music and did balloon breathing through the surges. It all felt in control and like it was progressing well.

I went into the hospital Sunday night to check my progress and I was only 3cm dilated and so we made the decision to have an epidural and to be induced. As soon as the induction IV went up the baby was crowning within 2hrs and I was ready for 2nd stage. Shortly later, Luca was born, healthy and beautiful. Luckily, I had no perineal tears as I had practised the perineal massage.

As mentioned earlier nurses and other mothers are amazed at how calm and relaxed Luca is. We have only heard one real cry and this was easy to settle. Since 2 weeks of age she has slept from 11pm till 7am and then feeds regularly throughout the day. I am certain that the many hours of relaxation and breathing we shared together throughout my pregnancy have had great benefit both to Luca and myself.

Thanks again for your guidance, and could you please update us on Sonia and Debra, who were the other ladies in our class.