Baby Michael – Small cervix, big baby

Hi Katherine,

Vince and I are proud parents of a little boy, actually I should say a big boy. We named him Michael Jayden. Born on Feb 10, he weighed 4.1 kilos. Very healthy baby, full of spark and character.

When I fell pregnant, I was overwhelmed with excitement to start with, but once the fear set in I was not enjoying my pregnancy. This is where hypnobirthing worked for me.

I must say I am so grateful I found you and the hypnobirthing technique, as I know it is what got me through the last four months of my pregnancy. My fears were put to rest and I was able to enjoy life as a pregnant woman.

I also know it helped me get through the first four hours of my strong contractions. I had to be induced after being 1 week overdue as my cervix was not dilating, it was actually almost upside down. His head was unable to engage because of the position of my cervix and because he was so big, my doctor did not want to leave him any longer.

I went into hospital on the Wednesday night and was given the gel to hopefully soften my cervix and get the ball rolling.

Overnight nothing happened, so at 8am the next morning my doctor came in and put me on the drip and broke my waters to start the induction. Within 5 minutes contractions came on very strong and were 3 minutes apart.

After practising my HypnoBirthing at home every single day, mostly twice a day for the previous 4 months, I started my breathing techniques and mental imagery. I made it through for the first 4 hours; I felt every contraction very strongly but was able to cope with them quite well.

After 4 hours of my contractions being 3 minutes apart, there was still no change with my cervix. The midwife assessed me and called my doctor, who discussed the possibility of having a caesarean, as the baby was unable to engage.

By this point I became a little distressed as a caesarean was the last thing I wanted to go through. This is where I became a bit messed up with my breathing and decided to have an epidural. I actually had to have two, as the first epidural took no effect. I was able to relax again, by the eighth hour the epidural had worn off, and I was feeling all the contractions again and was able to help little Michael out. My doctor had to give me an episiotomy as Michael decided to grace us sideways with a 38 head circumference!! By the ninth hour, Vince and I were holding our precious little baby boy.

Thank you so much Katherine. I have also found the breathing techniques we learnt with you to be very beneficial in every day life, especially those stressful tiring days when Michael gets upset. I have also referred my sister-in-law to you. She is about to start the Annandale class with you and is very excited about it.

Thanks again
Maree and Vince