Baby Pearl – Felt calm and strong

Hi Katherine,

Just wanted to share our birth story with you.

Les and I did the Hypnobirthing classes and I also had a private session with you, one on one.

We had a beautiful baby girl – Pearl Jean.

I found the Hypnobirthing fantastic.

My labor was not at all what I expected. My labor started on Sunday night and Pearl was born on Wednesday night!

I used the relaxation techniques and Hypnobirthing throughout my labor and had no pain medication at all.

I ended up having to have an emergency cesarean after having my waters broken and being induced, as we found out that I have an extra bit of bone in my spine that obstructs my pelvis, so Pearl couldn’t make her way into the birth canal.

Les, my husband was fantastic and we listened to the CDs during labor and he used light-touch massage. Even though it was painful and strenuous, I felt calm and strong. Beautiful Pearl came into the world on the 30th of August 2010 and was 4.075 kg!

She is an angel and we are all doing well.

Thanks Again Katherine.