Baby Phoenix – calm birth euphoria

Hello Katherine,
Just a quick message to let you know I had our son on 8.9.10, 3 weeks and 3 days early.


The labour and birth were beautiful, calm and pain free. I am so elated and will write about my birth soon and would be more than happy for you to share my story.

After meeting you and doing the hypnobirthing, calm birth course, practicing and being a believer, I was able to make my dream labour and birth come true. Every woman should be mandatorily introduced to hypnobirthing as soon as they conceive!!!

What a contrast of an experience first time around having a 24 weeker!!!

Now I know why some women pop out 10 babies!!!!

I have been energetic and Euphoric during my pregnancy and post…I cannot believe what an amazing natural high I am on!! So much so I took him to work to show him off on day 3 and on day 4 we went to an amazing wedding!!!

His big sister (4y/o) couldnt be prouder. Its a wonderful time x  Thank you!!!

Oh my birth photos are on face book if you are connected please just search my name and add me as a friend.