Baby Ruben – I avoided an epidural

Hi Katherine,

Just a quick note to let you know that we had our baby about 10 weeks ago – he is called Ruben and I have attached a picture. He is really quite easy going and happy and that may be due to the calming techniques we learnt in your class that passed onto him 🙂

I really found the breathing exercises you taught, very helpful during the labour (which was only 10 hours long), and the good thing was I just wasn’t scared during the labour thanks to your explanations on what was happening.

I must confess it was painful and I did have some pain relief but managed to avoid the epidural, which was what we really wanted to do. I would really recommend hypnobirthing to all mums and have already started doing so to my friends.

If you could please pass on the message to Michael and Mignon and let us know how they went with the birth of their baby if they get in touch.

Thanks for all your help.
Kind regards,
Sandra & Joseph