C-section birth Ayden

Thank you Katherine for helping us to learn Hypnobirthing, I’m sure I would have opted for pain relief very early on if we had not done your course.

My waters broke a few days earlier than my due date but there was meconium in them so we were unable to labour at home before going to the birth centre as planned. We met our Doula at the hospital; Aydens heart rate was steady so I was put on a syntocin drip.

After 5 hours, I was only 3cm dilated. It was difficult to not be able to move around because of the monitoring equipment and the surges didn’t feel natural at all but the Hypnobirthing techniques really helped me through without any pain relief, I was even able to sleep through some of the milder surges or contractions.

After 10 hours, I was still only 3cm so we went in for an emergency caesarean and Ayden was born 3.98kg at 11.02am on 12th October. Unfortunately we weren’t quite so lucky to have a natural birth this time, but our little baby boy Ayden is healthy and happy and that’s what matters.

Thanks for letting me know how things went for Helen and Brad, wonderful to hear that everything went so well for them. Hopefully we can look forward to having our next baby at home and try again for a natural birth.

Thank you again,
Amantha, Cyril and Ayden