Hypnobirthing baby Grace (Posterior birth, no epidural)

Hello Katherine,

I don’t know if you even remember me (it’s been that long) but I was going through my inbox and realised I hadn’t responded to you in regards to our birth experience with Grace.

Grace is now almost seven months old and the days are busy with walks, playtime and trying to get her to eat solids (the only thing she likes now is bananas and I fear she will turn yellow soon). Grace is a “miracle child” as she is so happy, hardly cries, sleeps well etc. Other parents are quite jealous. I strongly believe that she is that way because I was relaxed during my pregnancy and during the birth. I played my Childbirth CDs every day and practiced my breathing techniques on the beach.

I know Grace is the result of a happy prenatal experience.

Our birth experience, thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques, was a positive one. Grace was born on November 27th at the Mater hospital on the North Shore. My obstetrician was very positive and supportive in regards to using the hypnobirthing techniques and she knew that I wanted a natural birth (if there were no complications).

The surges started at 8:00 am that morning and Grace was born at midnight the same day. It was a long day but the breathing techniques that we learned with you were incredibly helpful to get me through – drug free. I played your CD throughout the day, and would breathe during my surges. I strongly believe that the hypnobirthing techniques kept me relaxed, in control and more importantly, saved my energy for what was to come. I really wanted to stay home for as long as possible so when we did arrive at the hospital (40 minutes away!) I was already 8 centimetres dilated. Steve and I were both thrilled and the midwives were impressed at how calm and in control I was (they didn’t dare offer me any drugs…).

However, once the waves started to get more intense (Grace was in posterior position and therefore, I had strong discomfort in my back), I felt that I did have to resort to more active birthing techniques (which I had learnt at the Mater). I simply could not count down to twenty when the pain was shooting up and up and up. I pushed for almost two hours and in the end, due to her awkward position, my obstetrician had to help her out with the vacuum and a small incision. Fortunately, she was fine and healthy and I’ve also healed really well. I’m pleased and proud of the fact that we delivered a healthy posterior baby with no epidurals or other drugs!

Steve and I are planning another baby next year and if we’re blessed with a second pregnancy, I will definitely be using the hypnobirthing techniques. I found them to be invaluable to me, particularly during that very long, first stage. I had the tools to relax myself and keep calm. Most importantly, I was not afraid of the birthing process. In fact, I was looking forward to meeting my baby!

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help and I hope this email doesn’t come too late for inclusion on your web site.

Kind regards,
Lorena, Steve and Grace (Nov 2009)