HypnoBirthing questions and answers

Sonja, reading your hypnobirting birth story is just wonderful. It is full of little eventful moments, it seems as though this was, in many ways, a memorable and a most magical experience for both you, or should I say, for the three of you.

I really appreciate your sharing your hypnobirthing story and I know that many pregnant women reading your story will get a lot from it. Future mums and dads will get useful information about hypnobirthing, as well as helpful hints and encouragement from it.

Some questions that came to mind as I read your birth story:

  • Jeremy looks like he was a reasonably large baby, how heavy was he at birth?
  • How long was your stage 2 and did you find the breathing down to be of help …?
  • I am also very interested in the role Kevin played; how did he feel while supporting you?
  • Did the midwives know anything about the hypnobirthing method?
  • How long was the 3rd stage (the placenta) and did they allow it to complete naturally?

(see the reply below...)



I count my blessings that we were fortunate enough to have such a wonderful birthing experience. Jeremy was pretty average weight at birth 3.295kg. Stage 2 was almost one hour. I started off using the breathing down but he wasn’t moving, so I had to push with a bit more oomph..

Kev was fantastic with lots of words of encouragement. I found that I didn’t want to be touched much and it was more of an internal experience, so whilst I was aware that Kev was there and this was very comforting, there wasn’t a great deal of interaction. I do recall grabbing for his hand during each contraction in the later stages and squeezing like a viper ! Perhaps Kev himself would like to comment on what it was like to be my support person.

With respect to the midwifes, they didn’t really play a big role in our labour… I don’t recall them being around much at all, they sort of left us to it and popped in and out occasionally, until Stage 2 of course. I really relied on Kev to do most of the talking and interaction with the nurses because I was very focussed on what was going on inside my body. I am not sure how much they knew about hypnobirthing techniques, but they were certainly aware of my desire for a natural birth and very respectful and encouraging of this.

For Stage 3 I opted to have the ocytocinin injection, but this wasn’t effective in dislodging the placenta. I was then moved out of the bath onto the bed so the obs could have a better look, and was given an ocytocin drip. The obs said that if that didn’t work then I would have to go to theatre, have a general anaesthetic and a d & c. Well ! I hadn’t just gone through 7 hours of drug free labour for that to happen !! I wanted to be with my baby ! So I told my placenta that it should come out now, and I don’t know whether it was that, or whether it was the drip starting to work, but about 3 contractions later, the placenta was delivered. Thankfully. Unfortunately, about 6 weeks post labour I experienced fresh bleeding and it was discovered that I had retained placenta and I had to have the general and d & c anyway… but at least this didn’t disrupt the first few hours of bonding with my baby. So there you go… the one part of labour where intervention occurred was the one part that was problematic ! Next time I may try to deliver the placenta naturally. Although my obs said that if I am the sort of person to have retained placenta once, then there is a 50/50 chance of it occurring again in the next labour…oh well, cross that bridge later.