Hypnobirthing story – Baby Tyler – Easy, quick, calm birth

Hi Katherine,

Just a note to let you know our baby boy #2 was born last Wednesday 23rd January.

We took your course in Glenorie a few months ago, and were fortunate enough to have you all to ourselves.

My labour was just under 4 hours and I used only the hypnobirthing techniques for pain management. Although the experience was still quite painful I felt in control and had complete confidence in my body. Unlike my first birthing experience which is still extremely special to me because I have a wonderful, healthy toddler, but I had pethidine and gas, was scared, tense and on my back which ended in a ventouse extraction and stitches.

My husband Alex was so fantastic with his prompts and kept me focused the whole time, through each stage. He also controlled the environment and reminded me of what positions and methods I wanted, so I didn’t have to deal with any potential resistance from hospital staff. In the end I was able to breathe baby Tyler out in 17 minutes, with no intervention and an intact perineum. Alex and I were shocked at how much more alert and pink Tyler was instantly after birth, I took him straight into my arms and did not let the obstetrician cut the cord until it stopped pulsating.

I have also healed so much quicker this time, with no tear and I also took raspberry leaf tablets in the last 5 weeks.

Our only regret is that we didn’t give our first son the beautiful, calm, drug free birth that his brother got. I can not understand why hospital run prenatal classes do not encourage parents to use this method, rather than scaring them into epidurals. My midwife and obstetrician didn’t have to do anything except to catch the baby at the end, surely this is easier for them than having to ‘manage’ a labouring woman.

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.