C-section baby Charlotte (2 weeks overdue)

Dear Katherine,

I finally have a few minutes to write to tell you about my Hypnobirthing experience.

“Charlotte Jorja” finally made her entrance into the world 2 weeks late at 11.47am April 21st, weighing 4.065kg (8 pounds 15.5 ounces), length 52cm, and head 34.5cm and is just perfect!

Charlotte was born 2 weeks late without an inkling of wanting to be born even at that stage!

Thank you for sharing the HypnoBirthing techniques with us, we used them and they were invaluable as the whole thing went the exact opposite to what we expected or wanted to happen!

I was vigilant in listening to the CDs and practicing the techniques, getting into the state I would ultimately need during the birth.

At my last Obstetrician appointment she was still not engaged and we discussed the possibility of being induced (only using the prostaglandin gel hoping this may be enough to kick start it along) if this didn’t change in the coming few weeks. As he was familiar with the work I had been doing with the HypnoBirthing and supportive of the process (he and his wife used it with their own birthing), he had agreed to let us go as long as we could, and supported my desire to try other natural methods of bringing on the labour naturally.

In the two weeks I was overdue I saw an acupuncturist which helped a little (I think I needed to start this earlier than I did), went on heaps of walks, I was using aromatherapy and I had some Reiki done on the baby.

All of this helped as I could sense my body doing something but it failed to help her engage completely – not for want of trying on her behalf – for about 3 weeks before she was born I was experiencing serious Braxton Hicks and some heavy sensations down below which was her obviously trying to get down there!

At about 12 days overdue, we agreed to try the gel – the relaxation techniques helped here, as I had to stay in hospital overnight without Adam and it was really quite a clinical experience. The techniques really helped me relax all through the monitoring and invasive procedures, however the next morning when the Obstetrician came in nothing had happened! He sent us down for a scan to make sure she was ok which she was – and to check her size which came up at about 7 pounds 3 ounces approx on the scan (sure!)

The Obstetrician knowing and being supportive of our desire to have a natural birth let us try the gel again a few days later – So I went home and went back to the acupuncturist who did some more work. This time, after the 2nd use of the gel my waters broke and I had very mild surges, but she was still not engaged and after an examination he found she had moved even further up and away from the cervix – stubborn little one!

We had a chat with him and waited a while to see if anything else happened – As it turned out the labour just wasn’t progressing and my cervix hadn’t opened – I was reluctant to try the drip and so was he as she was not even engaged nor anywhere near the pelvis where she should be (she had moved up and over towards the right) and I didn’t want to put her through that with the high likelihood of stressing her and me out, only to have an emergency c-section in the end.

So we made the decision reluctantly to have the c-section – it all happened so fast but the techniques really helped me stay calm and deal with a situation I hadn’t expected and really didn’t want. I was grateful that I was lucid and in control so much that I could opt for the pain relief I wanted – a Spinal Block rather than and Epidural – which was the better of the two evils. It may have been a blessing in the end, as it turned out the cord was quite tightly wrapped around her neck and she was a lot bigger than 7 pound 3 ounces! I also have on going sacrum problems and it may be that I have a shallow pelvis, and combined with her size she just couldn’t get down there.

The result however is great! She is a little angel and so good – doesn’t fuss much and only cries when hungry, dirty, or wet of which she also mostly settles herself off to sleep – I’m sure its due to me having such a calm pregnancy and due to the techniques, and I’m getting about 7 hours sleep (although broken for feeding) at night – so that’s been great.

Due to the nature of the birth I was really worried about not being able to breast feed but he agreed to let me have her straight away after she was born for skin to skin contact and was able to breast feed her after ½ hour and all is going well there! The HypnoBirth techniques help with relaxing during feeding too!

I can’t believe how fast they change – we love every part of having her and can’t imagine life without her now!

Hopefully, next time we can use the techniques a different way, we wanted to thank you for teaching us these techniques, they really helped both Adam and I throughout the whole thing, though not in the way we had expected! We’ll be in touch for # 2!

I have attached a photo of her from when she was 4 days old taken at the hospital. She is actually lying on a rainbow wrap that a friend of mine makes that has all the 7 Chakras on it – settles her really well!

I also wanted to let you know the Tummy Tub is fantastic and she loves it!

Kim, Adam and Charlotte

Email reply to Kim from Katherine

Hi Kim,

Great to receive the news of the birth of little Charlotte. Congratulations!

Thank you for sharing your birth experience. I would love to have the opportunity of putting it up on our website, I am sure it will help many other women learn from your experience, being calm and lucid and able to make better choices can be paramount. It seems that she was 2 weeks overdue and in your words “without an inkling of wanting to be born even at that stage!” and although at the time it was hard to come to terms with, she had her own reason for delaying the birth. It must have been the cord “wrapped tightly around her neck” that prevented her from engaging and descending safely and thank goodness for all involved, you calmly worked with her and your instincts and made the right choices. Your choice was to instinctively avoid the drip induction. Your baby and your body knew that further progress would hold danger ahead and moved even further up and away from the cervix, which was not opening for a good reason.

It is great to look back in hindsight and read between the lines and recognise that your body and baby are ‘very intelligent and helped you safely through this time. Thanks for sharing.

I love the snapshot of Charlotte in the TummyTub, and I am sure other women are already curious about the benefits of using this cute tub. Many women are drawn to the lovely content facial expressions of babies sitting in the tub.

As a gift I would love to send you a Mothers Devotion and Love CD to help you continue to benefit from calm and relaxation as well as to continue to trust your instincts as a mother. As some couples move house part way through late pregnancy, would you please let me know your current address so that I can send you the CD?

In the meantime, take care and warm wishes.


18 months later – Kim has exciting news

Dear Katherine,

Hope this finds you well. Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we are expecting our second child early next April, which we are all very excited about.

I also wanted to apologise for not getting my business information to you yet, but I have been extremely tired to say the least, with working etc so it has slowed things down for me setting up my practice, Wellbeing Naturally!
I am aiming for my official launch to be after Christmas, so I will be able to give you some information/brochures/cards etc for the North Shore people you see soon after that!

I was also wondering if you offer a refresher on the HypnoBirthing, I have been doing my meditations as often as I can and plan to have another look at the book but if you did offer some kind of refresher I think that would also be helpful for us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Kim, Adam and Charlotte.