Hypnosis cds helped, thank you, I was sceptical

Thank you for your CDs. I must say I was very sceptical about trying meditation. My doctor was away and we had a lady doctor fill in as a locum. She asked me if I had ever tried anything like that and I said no. She said “why don’t you, it can’t hurt” so I said all right. I must be honest, initially I didn’t bother. A while later I read about the science of meditation in Time magazine and in a newspaper, an article on meditation, so I thought why not try. I went and bought some music CDs but they didn’t work, so I went on the net and started hunting around and found your website and glad I did.

I must say I am thoroughly converted. I am using them every day for at least half an hour or more. I feel so much better and I am sleeping so much better, its unbelievable. Listening to the voice, I just seem to drift away and feel so relaxed afterwards.
L. O. – Western Australia