Hypnotherapy Feedback

//Hypnotherapy Feedback
30 05, 2016

Anger issues can be released with hypnosis

I'm happy now hypnosis helped me immensely Hi Katherine, I had some hypnotherapy sessions with you last year to release

10 02, 2016

How to remain a happy non-smoker

I gratefully remain smoke free! Hi Katherine, Good news to report - I have remained (mostly) smoke-free since our stop

18 12, 2015

Hypnotherapy helped stop smoking for good

Since my sessions of hypnosis to quit smoking, I have not been tempted to have a cigarette, even though I've

17 02, 2014

How hypnotherapy helped with weight loss

I just wanted to let you know how I was going after couple of hypnotherapy sessions for my weight loss issues.

21 11, 2013

Hypnotherapy helped weight management and binge eating!

I want to report that after hypnotherapy session, I am going extremely well with my eating and drinking, I am feeling better and choosing my food wisely.

12 11, 2013

I Recovered from a Driving Phobia with Hypnosis

I suffered with a terrible Driving Phobia. I was so afraid of driving I would shake all over but I managed to recover from it with a few sessions of Hypnosis.