Baby Abbey birth was calm (I had no tears at all)

Hi Katherine,

We wanted to email you the wonderful news of the birth of our Daughter Abbey.

My husband, Christian and I attended your hypnobirthing classes back in November and are so thrilled and grateful to have had this experience with you.

I know that having the knowledge from your classes as well as the follow up practice, made all the difference with our amazing birth experience.

I had to be induced after waiting 2 weeks over my due date and, as I had a small leak of amniotic fluid, my Obstetrician wasn’t happy to let me go any longer. When we arrived at the hospital to be induced I was already 2 cm dilated, which was a very nice surprise after 3 weeks of stop, start surges.

My Obstetrician knew I wanted a natural birth without any interventions, so he agreed to try the gel as the least evasive means of inducing me. I progressed very quickly once the gel was administered; within about 5 minutes I had started having much more regular contractions and felt really queasy.

As the contractions started building, my husband put on my birthing cd and I started to focus within, as we had learnt in our course, using breathing to help me through each surge. I began feeling more pressure, so decided to try the spa, which was really wonderful! It really helped with the pressure, I was feeling.

After only 4 hours, of first stage, I had a deep urge to push and had to get out of the spa, so the midwife would see how dilated I was. Much to her surprise I was fully dilated and she had a mad rush to call my obstetrician to come in, he had gone home hours earlier as no one expected anything would happen till at least the morning!

When our obstetrician arrived he realised our baby had turned posterior during the labour and decided to turn her with suction, which was successful, only requiring a little gas to get me through this.

Abbey was born after only 45 minutes of second stage, despite having to be turned and my obstetrician and midwife couldn’t believe I had no tears at all as this is quite common, after the suction that was required!

Abbey was completely alert, looking around the moment she was delivered without any crying! We even tried our first very calm breastfeed about 20 mins after being born!

I felt so energised after the birth, I decided to get up and freshen up with a shower just over an hour after birthing Abbey, while Christian was able to hold his little girl.

Abbey is 5 weeks now and is such a happy content baby! She is our wonderful miracle, so calm and sleeping through the night since we left the hospital!

Everyone we speak to about our birthing experience is just so intrigued at how we did so well. My cousin is due in under 2 months and was so amazed at our birthing experience she wanted to know all the details, as she is so worried about all the negative experiences she has been told. So I passed on as much as I could about our experience and told her to book into one of your courses, as soon as possible!

My husband and I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful, calm birth experience and already can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you so very much for teaching us that birth should be celebrated and for all the techniques that helped make our experience so wonderful!

Rebecca, Christian and Abbey xxx