Baby Norah born naturally (no intervention)

Hi Katherine,

Just wanted to let you know that our baby girl ‘Norah’ was born on the 20th Oct. After coming to your weekend Hypnobirthing classes, we listened to your CD’s and practiced relaxation leading up to our due date.

I went into spontaneous labour around 9pm, the ‘in between’ breaths helped me cope through the early stages of back labour as I continued to walk around and sway on all fours as much as possible. As my contractions got stronger and closer together I used the balloon breaths, supported by my husband and Mum reminding me to breathe and counting down the contraction times. I was able to stay home until I was dialated 5cm, we then proceeded to the Birth Centre RPA.

The midwife was very supportive of me moving around and came to check on us as little as necessary, maintaining a calm atmosphere.

My husband read me scripts and repeated selected affirmations – I found the affirmations particularly helpful.

My labour was ‘established’ from 12am and Norah was born naturally with no intervention at 7am in the morning. We feel very blessed to have had a completely drug free birthing experience thanks to Hypnobirthing and strongly recommend it to anyone willing to make the effort.

We are very grateful for your teachings and support, and wish you all the best for the future.

Hannah and Mark.