Baby born quickly (thanks to hypnobirthing)

Hi Katherine,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the valuable skills I learned in the Hypnobirth sessions with you back in February.

I gave birth to my baby boy Reilly Thomas 2 weeks early on the 22/04/12. He was a healthy baby at 3.06 kg and 50 cm long and had a full head of very spiky blond hair.

I had a very quick and uncomplicated labour and was able to use the breathing techniques we learned in the hypnobirthing classes to get me through the toughest contractions.

My water broke at 9.30 pm and we went along to the hospital and were sent home at midnight with the plan to induce if i didn’t start natural labour within 48 hours. At 1.30 am the contractions became noticeable but not too painful and were approximately 3 minutes apart from the start.

The midwives told me to take the sleeping pill they had given me and try to get some sleep as first time mothers usually have long labours. Luckily I did not take their advice to take the sleeping pill and instead I sat on my fit ball and had a nice hot bath for about an hour using techniques you taught me to keep calm and relaxed.

Your suggestions to trust my body and my instincts were very valuable and despite being told by the midwives over the phone twice more to wait at home a little longer, I trusted my body and went to the hospital when I felt ready at about 3.30am.

Luckily I did as I was already 9cm dilated by the time we arrived! Little Reilly was born at 4.59am.

I was so happy to have achieved my wish to have a natural drug free labour and that I was able to put some of the hypnobirthing techniques we had learned in the course into practise.

It was lovely to go into labour feeling calm and empowered rather than fearful and stressed.

Thank you again,
Regards, Lauren