Baby Roman – Positive calm VBAC

My husband and I attended your weekend HypnoBirthing course in Annandale in June.

3 months have already passed since Roman was born but I thought I should write a quick note (better late than never) to tell you how much the HypnoBirthing techniques helped.

My first child (now 5 y.o) was born by emergency caesarean and I had built up a lot of fear about labor since then but I really wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). After doing your course, I set aside time at least once a day to listen to the relaxations on the cds and this really helped me prepare for the birth.

I was very panicky after the drive to the hospital – my faith in what my body could do flew out the window and I demanded painkillers. After a while I calmed down and settled into a pattern of breathing. I found that concentrating on the balloon breathing during each surge gave me something to focus on. Also having an understanding of what my body was doing (particularly the muscles of the uterus) helped me to manage the sensations. It was quite a quick labor (he was born 2.5 hours after I was 3 cm dilated) and the last hour or so was very intense with little or no time between surges so the balloon breaths were back to back. It was an extremely intense hardening sensation – I don’t remember it as pain.

I had thought I would be quite active and vocal in labor but I found that I wanted to be still and quiet. When I came out of this zone, it became intolerable, so I returned to the quiet, still space and breathed through the surges. I also had beautiful classical Indian flute music playing throughout the birth and when I listen to it now it brings back positive memories of the birth.

Prior to learning the techniques, I had always thought of myself as a big wuss who couldn’t give birth without an epidural so I really, really believe that Hypnobirthing is the way to go. I just wonder when it is going to become the mainstream method taught in all antenatal classes!