Baby Zoe complicated birth (hypnobirthing helped)


I had a vision of Hypnobirthing being mostly effective with (or to bring about) shorter, less complicated labours, but I see now it’s valuable in so many different situations.

After a rather lengthy lead up (10 days past due date, 48 hours of contractions before the actual hospital bit) and a slightly dramatic entrance (posterior presentation, 14 hours of active labour, epidural/forceps delivery), our little girl Zoe, is finally external. We’ve been overwhelmed (in a good way!) by everyone’s love, support and eagerness to visit.


Born 9.10.11 at 2:28pm
Weight: 3.97kg
Length: 51cm

Zoe is a calm, lovely baby who only cries when she has a good reason, and luckily Stefan and I can usually figure out what that is fairly quickly.

The birthing was quite a challenge, but I must say the Hypnobirthing techniques and scripts really got me through. With such a long lead up it was really important to stay calm and present and focussed; to not let my mind work against my body, and the recordings really helped during this time, as did the breathing.

I’m an absolute master at balloon breathing now after 48 hours of contractions! And yes, the polar bear position (and variations) were so frequently adopted I’m surprised I didn’t grow white fur.

According to the midwives at the birth centre she moved around a lot during stage 2; sometimes posterior, sometimes only partly on one side, then she’d swing to the exact opposite side! She wasn’t anterior until the end, by which time I was too tired to do it myself.

But during stage 2 Stefan read the scripts many, many times, and focussing on his voice and following the instructions was so important. It made me able to go as long as I think my body could ever go, so to finally be medically assisted through the very last stage felt completely fine, not like any sort of defeat. I’m just so glad to have her out! She’s much calmer out than in.:-)

Thanks for providing us with the tools to get us through this challenge and to even enjoy bits of it along the way. I really don’t think the experience would have been anywhere near as manageable had we not prepared with Hypnobirthing. We’re very glad we did it!