Gestational diabetes birth risks overcome – Baby Callan

Daniel and I thought that we would write to let you know how everything went with our wonderful hypnobirth experience.

Firstly, as you may recall, I was struggling with Gestational Diabetes when I was in classes with you. I was very fortunate in the end, to control it by diet and not go on insulin, against the wishes of some of the specialists. However I proved them wrong with much determination and excellent health results.

Also during the 7th month of my pregnancy my baby was only sized in the 30% range, which is remarkable for a gestational diabetic to have such a small baby at that stage, which allowed me to go full term without induction. This was good news so far.

In the last two weeks however, the baby increased in size quickly, due to my slowing down in exercise and my diet was not as regimented because I started to introduce some more carbs’. So on my 39th week and 4 days my Doctor actually wanted to induce me the next day.

However, with my determination and negotiation of a natural birth (with NO medical intervention) she allowed me to go up until 40 weeks and 2 days. She knew I was very determined to go a natural birth, so allowed this small window of time. She also predicted that I was ready to go within the next few days, anyhow.

So, Monday the 22nd June my induction was booked in. I was pretty well prepared with my daily practises of the hypno’ CDs (although you never know with your first just how prepared you should be and it sent me in a spin; having to be induced) I had my bags packed with all your tools and tips that you mentioned. In fact, I had one of those plastic laundry buckets filled with all my labour goodies which was perfect for the gear that got wet. However, I was over prepared and didn’t use half of it. The non-slip bath mat came in handy and I used 2 large car wash sponges to kneel on, which was perfect to rinse out and dry.

Sunday the 21st June came and I felt things were moving on down but only thought that the baby was engaging. So with the impending induction, Daniel and I decided to go out for our last day of just the two of us and do a bit of shopping, stop to have a nice lunch and a walk on the beach promenade. It was during this walk that I felt for the first time in my pregnancy, that I was actually waddling and was very slow.

It was on this day that I thought; I have to move this baby on before the induction, so out came the raspberry leaf tea. I had one tablespoon of castor oil, special cuddles with my husband and we had even bought the fresh pineapple of which I only had a small quarter piece; so that I could space it out for the rest of the day (didn’t end up finishing it however). For dinner we ordered Thai with extra hot chilli in everything and just before it was delivered I had my first show of blood and one big cramp. At this stage I didn’t feel like eating anything.

We phoned the hospital to tell them that things were on their way, and they wanted me to come in straight away (or after dinner) for my trace tests and then probably send me home. Now we took your advice and stayed home for another 1 1/2hrs before things started to progress or 4-3mins apart.

So we made our way to the hospital and the midwife declared that I was already 6cm dilated. Daniel and I were astounded, as was the midwife, who was insistent to know when I went into labour. Both Daniel and I kept saying 6.30pm, which she thought we were fibbing and so questioned Daniel on the side, as to when I started and he again said 6.30pm. All day, without realising it, I was in labour but not in any pain or discomfort nor had any real surges that were any different from braxton hicks. This was great news because there was no time for them to do any epidurals etc. So the rest was left up to us to get the hypnobirthing into practice.

I actually only had time for 3 positions – 1. The bath 2. The shower and 3. Sitting on the toilet with the pillow and I made sure that from your advice to let gravity do the work. Daniel did great with his soft touch massage and words of encouragement. So much so that I was falling asleep in between the 1-2min surges and had to come back to my hypno’ state of breathing.

Things moved pretty quickly and I actually only had time to move off the toilet and onto the bed (which was my Doctor’s only request, for me to birth in bed because she had a bad back), when my waters broke as they lifted me onto the bed. On the first ‘breathing down’ the head was out and on the second, out he came at 11.53pm. I actually had my eyes closed and if it wasn’t for Daniel saying, “look” and “what is it”, I wouldn’t have known there was a baby on my stomach. My Doctor actually missed the birth after all that, because our baby came too quickly.

The most memorable things about the hypnobirthing were that there was no real pain during labouring, only the downward pressure… the breathing was the essence in achieving this.

After the birth, with no drugs or gas, I felt completely alert and so was the baby considering it was midnight and after a 5 1/2hr labour. The baby was wide eyed and was looking straight at Daniel and I, as we spoke to him and welcomed him into the world. The midwives couldn’t stop commenting on the way both Daniel and I handled the whole process and congratulated us a number of times.

I also have to say that we had a great midwife who was full of encouragement during the process and basically left us alone and only needed to check on us every 1/2hr or more. The practices also helped, with no external stitching – however he did come out side-on with his little hand against the head, requiring internal stitches later on, again no drugs but the gas. I also believe that the recovery period is much quicker and our baby boy was not stressed and is a great sleeper and feeds really well.

We both wanted to thank you for all the information that you imparted at your classes, it truly is invaluable. It made us both extremely informed about the Doctor’s predicted processes, hospital system and preparation for a smooth and easy birth.

Thank you again.
Daniel, Ellisa and Callan


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