How I overcame my fear of hospitals and needles

Hi Katherine,

The calming hypnosis and hypnobirthing techniques we learned helped me immensely in getting through the c-section as well as the labour.

As you may know, I was petrified of hospitals and in particular needles. During the birth, when I was told that we needed a c-section, my first reaction was to panic but Steve reminded me about using self-hypnosis and we worked through it together and within a few minutes, I was calm and ready to be taken to the operating theatre.

I was able to reach within myself and stay calm throughout the entire procedure – even the spinal block! It mightn’t sound like much, but it was a really big deal for me.

Just thought you’d like to know that our baby, Ryan William, was born on 14th January 2010. While the birth didn’t go as planned, we think he is absolutely adorable and getting cuter every day.

We were able to use the hypnobirthing breathing techniques for the first 15 hours of labour and it was working well, the midwives weren’t able to tell which way he was facing. He was fully engaged and even an internal exam only enabled them to feel the crown of his head and nothing more. Otherwise I would have been doing the polar bear move on the delivery room floor!

Prior to the birth we had been told that he was side-on at every check-up but that this was normal and he would turn into the correct position before the birth. I guess Ryan had other plans because it then became apparent that he was facing the wrong way and labour wasn’t progressing.

We were given Syntocin to speed up the labour (and also give him time to turn) and I asked for an epidural at that time as the drug made the back pain unbearable. We ended up having an emergency c-section after 24 hours of labour.

While the birth plan didn’t quite work out as we had imagined, the result is still amazing.

Thanks again for all your help, advice and coaching. It really did make a huge difference to our big day.