Birthing baby Kelan (incredibly fast hypnobirth)

I hope this birth story will help and inspire new mums-to-be and remove the unnecessary fear that is associated with giving birth.

Baby Kelan arrived 31/07/07… one day overdue at 11.20am, weighing in at 8lb 11ozs (nearly 4 kilos) – no stiches required – I had 4 with Ruairi. As predicted it was an incredibly fast birth!

On the Thursday prior, I woke up with an extremely bad swollen left ankle and the right one wasn’t too good either. I was struggling to walk and I went to see the obstetrician. After discussions, we decided that she would sweep my membranes and this resulted in my cervix dilating by 3cm. She suggested that I book in to be induced the following Friday, but felt strongly that the baby would arrive at any moments notice.

On the Monday night, I had a great nights sleep as usual and I woke up at 6.30am on Tuesday morning, looking to clean anything and everything! My waters broke (a very small leak) as I was at the kitchen sink at 7.30am and I phoned Vinie to tell him the baby would be born that morning. He advised me that he would be home in two hours, so I calmly went about my business and started to do the Hypnobirthing relaxation breathing, as I cleaned. Unfortunately, I had a very bad head cold with my nose and chest heavily congested and all the doctor could prescribe that Monday, was a bottle of cough syrup (which did help).

My surges, or a tightening sensation of my stomach, began at 9.30am, (they were every 5 mins apart) and, as I dropped my son off at Kindy, I felt very calm and very much in control. I met Vinie at the house at 10am and decided that we needed to go to the shops to get milk and bread (for the baby sitter). He thought I was a bit loopy wanting to do this. At the shops I couldn’t get out of the car as any time I stood up I felt a huge pressure on the front of my stomach but, once I sat down I felt nothing… only a tightening sensation. I kept doing the breathing through my blocked nose but still no pain! (The surges were now every 4mins apart).

We got home and Vinie had a quick shower and then I had one, I felt an urge to push as I got out of the shower, so I told Vinie we had to go to the hospital, fast. In the car, the surges went from every two mins to one minute within 10 minutes.

As this stage, the surges were becoming intense but, by applying the heat pack and just blocking everything out of my mind, I couldn’t feel anything.

We arrived at the hospital just after 11.00am and walked to the reception desk at maternity but nobody was there, so Vinie got me a chair to sit down in and I was fine. The midwives came around and introduced themselves and, at this stage, it all started to become very intense and I was wheeled around into the birth suite and assessed.

I didn’t feel the need to tell them I was doing HypnoBirthing as I was trying to concentrate and I didn’t want to use up my energy, as I knew I hadn’t much time.

I was between 8 and 9cm dilated! The midwife got on the phone and rang the obstetrician. In the meantime I started to feel cold and achey and needed to push, I asked for some gas and a warm blanket (out of the hot press – very effective indeed), as I couldn’t get out of the bed to head to the shower! I had about 6 sucks on the gas and my obstetrician arrived. She turned me around on my back and elevated my legs (I was very comfortable in this position – it felt right).

Straight away she could see the baby’s hair and from there I closed my eyes and started deep breathing – I couldn’t get it together for the first couple of surges but listened to my obstetrician and my body. When I felt ready, I just visualised myself ‘opening up’ basically letting go, and out came Kelan. He looked around as cool as a cucumber, had a little cry and then went on to my chest, for a cuddle.

He is fantastic; all he does is eat and sleep and is very alert. I’m so happy that I felt in complete control throughout the whole experience and my recovery was fast, unlike the first time. I had very little pain… maybe for about 5 mins tops! I felt only a ‘strange’ feeling pushing Kelan out and I’m not going to argue with that!

I’m putting the success of this birth down to HypnoBirthing. I listened to the HypnoBirthing CD, every night (I fell asleep within 2 mins of putting it on) and did the perineum massage (which gave me the confidence for ‘opening up’ at the last stage) and on occasions, re-read sections of the book. I also down-loaded HypnoBirthing stories (all positive ones) and kept re-reading these… it really did help.

Many thanks