HypnoBirthing support partner story

Hi Katherine, natural hypnobirthing birth

Since Jasper’s birth I have been telling everyone about my hypnobirthing experience.

Webby, my hypnobirthing support partner and best friend asked me to write a few lines for her as she is finding it hard to find some time to put pen to paper.

As a support partner, her memories of my Hypnobirthing birth are going to stay with her forever, as a very positive birthing experience.

She said the main things that stood out for her were three “c’s”: calm, clarity and control. She couldn’t believe how calm I was and how clear I was between surges. She said it was like someone coming up for air from underwater – that I would go totally into the surge and be completely absorbed with it, then be totally normal between surges as if nothing was going on… (something was going on, believe me!). Webby also found the level of control I had over my body was amazing. So when the midwife asked me to stop pushing, it was really easy and immediate for me. Webby was really, really impressed with the whole hypnobirthing method. Especially after having been through two of her own births and having been a support partner with other women giving birth – she definitely endorses hypnobirthing for every mum-to-be.

Directly after Jasper was born the midwife said to me that, I was amazing. At the time, I thought this was a nice confirmation for all new mums to hear from their carer. However, then I remembered hearing her also say to Webby that hypnobirthing was incredible. Webby and I were talking later and she said that the midwife was truly impressed by the whole birth.

Thank you for all the wonderful hypnobirthing information you provided us, it has been of immense help for both myself and my hypnobirthing support partner.

Best wishes,
Bettina Jasper and Webby