Quit Smoking – 5 easy steps to freedom (with self-hypnosis)

If you are one of the many people struggling to free yourself from cigarettes, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to break the habit on your own. I am your local clinical hypnotherapist.

I am here to help…

…. below you will find  5 easy self hypnosis instructions and helpful hints and tips to help you quit smoking.

stop smoking with hypnosisAre ready to start your quit smoking journey?

Initially take a bit of time to imagine; as vividly as possible; that you are already a non-smoker.

Visualising yourself as a non smoker may sound too simple…

…but it really does have a positive and lasting impact on your mind and body connection; especially if you do it regularly.

Here are 5 step self-hypnosis instructions for quit smoking success

  • Step One… imagine yourself as a non-smoker
    Close your eyes, get quiet, be still, relax… now imagine yourself in the future – several months from now – happily being a non-smoker.
  • Step Two… feel the freedom of being a non-smoker
    Create every detail you can in this future moment. Imagine the happy emotions and the way you smell  fresh and breathe easily. Feel the physical sensations of breathing easily when you walk and the freedom you experience as a non-smoker. Make it real! Your subconscious DOES NOT know the difference between a real and an imagined event.
  • Step Three… feel yourself living as a non-smoker
    Put yourself into this future moment and feel it as a NOW moment. Feel yourself living everyday as a happy non-smoker. What health improvements do you notice now as a result of your new lifestyle as a non-smoker? What other positive changes have happened in the process?
  • Step Four… celebrate your success as a non-smoker
    Look back at the past from this future moment. Notice what it feels like to know that the old behaviour, the old habit is in the past. You are now a non-smoker… you have succeeded! How do you feel? Celebrate, feel the emotions of your success!
  • Step Five… repeat above over and over 
    Do it again and again… Spend just five minutes once or twice a day in this relaxed state with this new belief and it will begin to plant the seeds necessary to create the lasting change.

Every day take the time to create the new images in your mind and give yourself the future that is filled with success as a non-smoker. Surely, a few minutes a day is worth it to create the lasting, positive change.

Self-hypnosis is your key to FREEDOM! Why not use it to help you achieve your goal to live your life as a non smoker. Many people have found a Hypnosis CD for stop smoking to be of enormous benefit in maintaining their quest to remain a non-smokers.

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Written by: Katherine Ferris, hypnotherapist