Now that we are living longer, we all hope to live healthier lives!

Of Course, we do!

So as we get older and wiser, how can we use our brain-power to improve our lives? Rather than lose our marbles, how can we use our marbles?

Hypnosis to manage hot flushes

Do you suppose I might be losing my marbles to even suggest using hypnotherapy for such things as menopause and hot flushes?

No, not as far as prominent researchers are concerned.

hypnosis reduces hot flushesA controlled, randomised study of hypnosis to manage hot flushes found hypnosis can help cut hot flushes by as much as 75%. Hot flushes affect as many as 80% of women who go through menopause.

Of the 187 subjects in the study, half underwent hypnotherapy, the other half participated in discussions only.

The women in the hypnosis study had five weekly sessions, receiving suggestions for mental images of coolness, a calm safe place or deep relaxation.

The other half of women also had five weekly sessions, but with not much more than talking about their symptoms. All women kept a journal to record their hot flushes and also wore a skin temperature monitor to record their hot flushes, to help keep track of symptoms more objectively.

Study concluded that women who underwent hypnosis reported 75% less hot flushes, compared with 13% among the controls.

Skin temperature monitors showed a 57% reduction in hot flushes for the women who underwent hypnosis, compared with 10% in the control group.

The hypnosis participants also reported better sleep and greater satisfaction with the hypnotherapy treatment.

So there we have it, hypnotherapy does help reduce hot flushes, the results from the skin monitors confirm that the effects weren’t just imagined.

Of course there is so much more to it; hypnotherapy also has a positive influence on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for unconsciously slowing down the heart rate, thereby reducing menopause symptoms.

Learn more from published Science Daily article which shows that the researchers collaborating in this study on hypnosis for lowering hot flushes were from; the Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory at Baylor University; together with the school of Nursing at Indiana University; and the College of Education, University of Texas.

The full study is published in the North American Menopause Society journal on Menopause.

“Written by: Katherine Ferris, clinical hypnotherapist”

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