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Tranquil Birth a Hypnobirth CD


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Feel empowered every step of the way, to joyfully birth your beautiful little baby with the help of Tranquil Birth a Hypnobirth CD.

Imagine having a peaceful calm birth while this tranquil birth cd guides you to deeply connect with your baby. Bonding with your baby throughout your pregnancy prepares you to birth calmly.

Listening to this tranquil birth CD will prepare you for a calm birth. It is designed to help you eliminate fear and tension that are the major cause of pain in childbirth.

Feel confident and fear-free on your journey to welcome your baby into the world. Eliminate Fear and Tension and experience a calm birth of you baby.


  • I wanted to let you know how the birth went, after using your CDs. I mainly used the Tranquil Birth and Labour of Love cd in the month before I was due. The midwives were absolutely astonished at how calm, seemingly pain-free, and in control, I was. So, all in all, a fantastic experience – it really was a labour of love! I can thoroughly recommend your guided childbirth cds to help prepare women for a positive, natural and calm birth. ~ Jenny H.
  • Grace is a “miracle child” as she is so happy, hardly cries, sleeps well etc. Other parents are quite jealous. I strongly believe that she is that way because I was relaxed during my pregnancy and during the birth. I played my Tranquilbirth and Labour of Love CD every day and practiced my breathing techniques on the beach. I know Grace is the result of a happy prenatal experience. ~ Lorena – Sydney
  • We’re thrilled with the outcome of our birth experience and the help we received from your birth CDs. Divinitity is working in wise and miraculous ways. I posted my birth experience on a web forum and have received a couple queries from expectant mothers. And one comment of awed disbelief that I “survived” 34 hours of labor without pain meds. I have better things to do than “survive”, I thrived during the birthing experience, feeling better afterwards than either of my support partners, who were with me but didn’t do the deep relaxation and breathing I learned from your CDs. All best! ~ DM