Stress and Anxiety Relief (with Self-Hypnosis Video)

Guided self-hypnosis video for anxiety and stress relief

If you are suffering with frequent bouts of stress and anxiety, you are not alone…

When a person suffers from persistent feelings of anxiety, stress or negativity, which are hard to change with conscious effort, this often indicates an underlying emotional conflict.

This conflict is usually part of a subconscious process that can be changed with the help of self-hypnosis. This is because the inner-mind has the ability to create a conflict and it also has the ability to change it.

Studies have indicated that in self-hypnosis the integration takes place between the two of your brain hemispheres; the left and right brain. This integration enables you to effectively reduce resistance to positive mind re-training, helping you to change outdated self-sabotaging beliefs, sooner than you thought.

Regular guided self-hypnosis, together with a calm method of breathing can be of great help. I have recorded the below video in the hope that it will help you relax deeply and to send the right signals through your mind and body to relieve anxiety physically and emotionally.

Researchers say in hypnosis and deep relaxation, even your nervous system will calm down helping you to gain relief from stress and anxiety.

Spending just 10 minutes each day in a calm state of self-hypnosis can be of immense benefit for your overall health and wellbeing.

In conclusion, scientific studies into mind-body therapies indicates that hypnosis reduces stress and worry, helping your chances to feel anxiety-free increase significantly.

It has been suggested:
Worry = Stress = Anxiety = Negative Hypnosis
Hypnosis = Less Stress = Positive attitude = Anxiety-free

Here is a list with a 7 step easy guide with instructions for self-hypnosis. Or you might prefer to watch the video below, which will guide you through the self-hypnosis steps.

I highly recommended that you devote time each day to view this YouTube self-hypnosis recording for improving your health and wellbeing.

By: Katherine Ferris, clinical hypnotherapist

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