Hypnobirthing techniques help eliminate the fear and pain associated with childbirth and empower women to have a natural and calm birth experience.

18 06, 2013

Obstetricians, Doctors and Midwives are fans of hypnobirthing! So is Kate Middleton!

HypnoBirthing – is a growing trend among savvy pregnant women - a method of hypnosis, visualization and deep breathing – for women who seek better alternatives for birth. The world is abuzz with talk of Kate Middleton being a fan of hypnobirthing.

27 01, 2013

Hypnotherapy for severe morning sickness

Hypnotherapy rescues pregnant women from severe nausea and morning sickness

7 12, 2012

Hypnosis in childbirth and Microchimerism

Just how deep is the bond between a mum and her baby? The lifelong bond between mum and her unborn baby can be reinforced by using hypnosis for a more calm birth.

29 02, 2012

mothers love inhances babys brain development

Parents really do have a profound effect on how smart their child becomes later in life. Latest information published in

9 01, 2012

Avoid dehydration at birth, ice-cube recipe with electrolytes

It is vital to keep up your energy and fluids during birthing to avoid dehydration. Here is a recipe for

3 01, 2012

Help with Pubic Pain in Pregnancy or (SPD)

Are you pregnant and suffering with Pubic Pain and searching for some helpful hints to help you deal with the growing discomfort? Read on...