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Hypnotherapy Sydney

Clinical Hypnotherapy (Family Hypnosis services)

Hypnotherapy Sydney  

People seeking clinical hypnotherapy for anxiety, habits and addictions are intelligent and successful;
just like you and me.

We just need some help with hypnosis for stressful issues of everyday life.

How about you?
Are you juggling relationship issues with work stress, deadlines, anxiety?

Or are you struggling with binge eating, weight issues, habits, addictions; smoking, drinking or gambling?

When you are stressed you cope in ways that are unhelpful or outdated.

Suggestions in hypnosis are lasting and powerful for relief from turmoil, trauma, PTSD and bad habits.

Hypnotherapy can improve the way you think, feel and behave.

Anxiety relief with hypnosis

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Are you silently suffering from anxiety attacks?
Avoiding situations where you’ll get worked up, because that’s when anxiety kicks in?
In the grip of an anxiety episode your heart is racing, your palms are sweating.
You spiral into panicky moods and a
negative mindset.
On the surface you try to appear calm and in control. Beneath the surface you’re in turmoil.
Panic attacks, stress, anxiety are a symptom of negative thoughts running amok in your mind.
Hypnotherapy helps to turn  this negative mindset around.
Just as your mind creates anxiety it can also change it.
Gain lasting relief from stress and anxiety.

gambling addiction stress

Stop gambling addiction fast!

Hypnotherapy to stop gambling puts you back in control.

No more money down the drain.
No more feeding the poker machines.

So, forget about TAB, horse racing or sports betting.

Compulsive gambling affects you financially and emotionally.

You’ve been there, done that.
Now you’re over it.
Stop Gambling today with hypnosis therapy.

Hypnotherapy has helped people, just like you and me to forget about gambling.

Hypnotherapy for Habits Addiction and Gambling

Get financial freedom and stop gambling permanently!

stop smoking

Quit Smoking and Vaping today! with hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy helps you stop smoking.
Hypnosis is a quick and effective way to quit cigarettes for good.
Similarly, hypnotherapy can also help you stop the bad habit of Vaping.

Why do some people fail while others succeed?

Important difference between quit smoking failure and quit smoking success, comes down to this:
“with hypnosis your desire and commitment for success becomes
far greater than your fear of failure”

“Never quit quitting”
It is never too late to quit.

Suggestions in hypnosis are powerful.
Hypnosis can help you forget about smoking.

conceiving a baby (IVF Infertility)

Longing to have a baby?

Hypnosis for infertility – HypnoFertility – can increase your chances of successful pregnancy.

According to recent research studies, stress hormones  interfere with fertility.

Furthermore, anxiety, stress and worry send negative messages to your body. And as a survival response, your reproductive system can delay conception.

That’s because some deeper part of you feels
its not safe to fall pregnant right now.

Delay in conception is upsetting and stressful.

Especially if you’re over 35 or undergoing IVF!

So, if you are longing for a baby hypnotherapy could just be the answer.
Hypnofertility reduces stress and anxiety and symptoms of unexplained infertility.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy in Sydney CBD and Annandale Inner West

Local Clinical Hypnotherapy services, are available in Sydney CBD and in Annandale, Inner West of Sydney. Sessions by an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, are individually designed, to help you tap into the immense intelligence of your mind.

As a result, you can make lasting changes. Overcome turmoil, trauma, PTSD, addictions and limiting beliefs. Beat bad habits, because your mind is powerful, intelligent and very capable. Treatments of hypnosis therapy will help improve the way you think, feel and behave.

Hypnosis Therapy Services for Mental and Emotional health

Clients seeking clinical hypnosis services, are just like you and me. For instance, you are successful, busy and function well in most areas of your life. But, you just need help with everyday struggles such as; work stress, financial pressure or family and relationship issues.

Some days you feel weighed down with insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs or stressful experiences.

Other times you need help with mental and emotional issues – you feel depressed, anxious or suffer panic attacks or PTSD.

Maybe you also struggle with bad habits, gambling addictions or drinking problems that have continued to bother you throughout your life. But, it’s good to know that you can overcome negative beliefs, addictions and bad habits with the help of hypnotherapy.

Can negative beliefs and habits be changed with hypnosis?

Negative beliefs, self criticism, stress and anxiety can become a bad habit.
Dwelling on these emotions long enough will create habits you “don’t want”.

For example, it’s very difficult to succeed at being confident, if your beliefs are demoralising.
Unintentionally criticising and putting yourself down creates mental turmoil.

Overcome your negativity and stop being your own worst enemy.
Take advantage of hypnosis services and the power within your mind. Make positive changes in your life.
There is no better time than today.

Even though you can’t see it, you do have a deeper intelligence within you. I’m sure you’ve sensed there’s more to you, than you’ve acknowledged before.

How can hypnosis services help me?

Essentially, hypnosis services are designed to help you let go of bad habits and limiting beliefs. As a result, you can look forward to reaching your goals and maximising your potential.

Most importantly though, whilest in hypnosis you’ll visualise living your life the way you want it to be. Rather than the way it was in the past. You will be guided to tap into strengths and resources to make lasting changes.

You are filled with hopes, dreams and mixed emotions. 
There’s more to you than you’ve realised. Create lasting changes, make your goals become your reality. 
Remove limiting beliefs and start to appreciate yourself for who you truly are. 
Rediscover the wise part of you.

You are what you repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ~ Aristotle

Powerful ways hypnosis can set you free – from insecurity and mental turmoil

On the surface you appear calm and in control. But its a mask!
Beneath the surface you are in turmoil.

My biggest fear is that I’m not good enough. So I put on a mask to hide behind ~ R.D

Plus you feel anxious, vulnerable and insecure. So you try to hide your true feelings and emotions.
Are you wearing a mask of false confidence?

Criticising yourself? Calling yourself names and putting yourself down?

There is a way to turn this mindset around.
You don’t have to keep up the struggle.

Beneath all the turmoil, you will discover a quiet confidence, that’s been there all along, but overshadowed.

Hypnotherapy services in Sydney and Inner West, Annandale provide you with a powerful way to get free from insecurities and limiting beliefs and habits.

You are not stuck. You are just committed to certain patterns of behaviour. Because it helped you in the past. Now that behaviour is more harmful than helpful. The reason you can’t move forward is because you keep applying the same old formula to a new level of your life. Change the formula to get a different result. ~ Emily Maroutian 

What actually happens in Hypnosis?

Essentially, what happens in hypnosis is a mental shift in focus and awareness. It’s not a state of sleep.

Hypnosis is a focused state of mind, with an increased capacity to respond to suggestion.

Simply said, hypnosis is a trance-like state, where you experience heightened focus and concentration.

Once in hypnosis you will find that it’s a familiar experience, like when you are engrossed in watching TV and lose track of time. Similar to drifting into a pleasant daydream or a deep meditation.

It’s important for you to know – even though you’re more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don’t lose control over your emotions or behaviour.

Whilst in a hypnotic state, your mind is more open to visualising and creating a rich sensory experience. Plus the more real this experience becomes, the more effect it has on your waking behaviour.

A good Hypnotherapist knows how to guide you into hypnosis, to gently release blocks and fears. For instance, an experienced hypnotherapist can help you create positive inner beliefs. Moreover, this will set the wheels in motion, to make positive changes in the way you think, feel and behave.

What to expect when you visit a hypnotherapist in Annandale, Inner West, Sydney?

Are you wondering, what to expect during a session with a clinical hypnotherapist? 

During your hypnosis session you sit in a comfortable chair, listening to my voice guiding you. Your body steadily relaxes and your mind drifts off as you lose track of time. Gradually, words and sounds become more distant… but the positive suggestions continue to affect you, quietly and almost automatically.

Rest assured. you will not be put under, or put to sleep. Essentially though, you will remain aware of your surroundings and fully in control. When you’re in hypnosis you generally feel calm and relaxed, and you are more open to suggestions.

Being in hypnosis will actually be a familiar experience. Because you already use hypnosis in your daily life. Hypnosis is a natural phenomena of your mind. You come in and out of trance-like states daily, without knowing that its happening.

Perfect example of hypnosis is when you are driving a car. For instance, you arrive at your familiar destination but you don’t recall most of the trip.

Simply put, in hypnosis you easily become more responsive to positive suggestions being made. 

FAQs about Hypnosis Services 

Here are interesting questions and answers about hypnosis services and potential benefits:

Do I swing a watch to put someone in a trance?

Funnily enough, no. I don’t swing a watch to put you in a trance or make you do weird things. 
Forget about what you’ve seen on stage shows or Hollywood movies.

Definition of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy, defined as a hypnotic trance used to create new responses, attitudes or behaviours. 

What is clinical hypnotherapy used for?

Simply put, Clinical Hypnotherapy is frequently used for relief of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. As well as resolving chronic procrastination, emotional turmoil, trauma and overcoming bad habits and addictions. Thereby, hypnosis treatments are successfully used for stopping smoking, gambling, nail biting, binge drinking, comfort eating, sugar craving and weight issues. Similarly, hypnotherapy helps with pain management, insomnia, IBS gut problems, unexplained infertility, childbirth and much more.

Most importantly, suggestions made in hypnosis are especially designed to initiate beneficial self-care improvements with motivation, self-worth and self-confidence.

What is the role of a clinical hypnotherapist?

An experienced and registered clinical hypnotherapist, will safely guide you through a process of hypnosis. Assisting you to gain desired changes in the way you think, feel and respond. Recent research studies have proven that you are not hardwired and stuck in your old behaviours. Additionally, in the state of hypnosis, your brain can rewire neural pathways, through a process called neuroplasticity. Therefore, individually structured suggestions in clinical hypnosis can initiate desired changes and, bring about positive results.

How will you know if you were hypnotised?

Basically, when you are hypnotised you are not in some sort of a weird or unrecognisable state. That’s because, even when you are hypnotised you are still aware of what’s being said to you. You are in a similar brain frequency to sleep, but you are not asleep. So whilst you are hypnotised you are relaxed and aware, yet more responsive to suggestions.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Majority of people say hypnosis and trance feel like a very familiar experience. That’s because you experience different states of hypnosis daily. Although you don’t even realise it. Much like, driving a car, almost on auto-pilot. While you are in hypnosis your attention is so focused (again, think of driving a car) whereby distractions are temporarily blocked out or ignored.

Does hypnotherapy really work?

Hypnotherapy does work, especially when you have a strong desire to make changes. For example; if you are keen to stop smoking, then hypnotherapy can work for you. But it will not force you into becoming a non-smoker against your will. In other words, hypnotherapy really works, when you are committed to quitting limiting beliefs, bad habits and behaviours.

When does hypnotherapy NOT work?

If you are not ready or willing – hypnotherapy is not going to work against your will. In other words, you can’t be forced into hypnosis. Or forced into doing anything you don’t want to do. This is why hypnosis is not an ideal choice for people who are “not committed” to it. For example; half hearted New Year Resolutions to quit smoking rarely work out. Same as getting talked-into quitting by friends, family or GP, will not produce desired results, if the patient is not ready to stop.

When is hypnotherapy NOT recommended?

Hypnotherapy is not recommended for patients who are suffering with hallucinations or psychotic symptoms and delusions. Similarly, hypnotherapy sessions are not suitable for people who are under the influence of narcotics, drugs or alcohol.

Is Hypnosis Mind Control?

Rest assured, being in hypnosis is not mind control. That’s because being in hypnosis is a natural mind phenomena, which primarily connects you to your inner intelligence.

The experience of a hypnotic trance is a safe state of mind. One that you naturally go in and out of daily. Trance is a deeper kind of inner absorption, mindfulness and concentration.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy will you need?

Firstly, it’s important to mention that hypnotherapy is a brief form of therapy. Having said that,, it also depends on the type of issues you want to resolve.

On average about three or four sessions are recommended. Although, traumatic or deeper emotional issues will need a more concentrated effort of up to six sessions or more.

Studies indicate that it takes 28 days to create new habits. Above all, repetition is the key to lasting change. For best results, your commitment and follow through with the recommended sessions is going to be paramount. 

How much does it cost to see a hypnotherapist in Annandale or Sydney CBD?

General hypnotherapy session cost is $250.00 and for more serious issues such as Habits and Addictions it’s $350 per session. Discounts apply if you pre-pay several sessions in advance you will save money. On average a typical session lasts about an hour. Click here to look up the full list of fees and discounts for all hypnotherapy services.

Are hypnosis improvements quick and permanent?

Realistically, it’s important to emphasise that hypnotherapy is the start and not the finish of an inner process. Keep in mind that hypnosis is not a magic wand and results don’t always happen overnight. Just as importantly, give yourself a chance to recognise that positive behavioural changes and mental health improvements continue, for quite some time, after the sessions are done. 

Benefits of Hypnosis Cds

Hypnosis CDs are downloadable and highly recommended, because they provide with you support after the sessions. The CDs are therapeutic and particularly effective in eliminating daily symptoms of emotional stress and anxiety. Learn more about Hypnosis CDs benefits.

Do Health Funds cover Hypnotherapy Services?

Yes, some Private Health Funds do cover hypnotherapy services. Although, you need to check with your own Health Fund to find out the level and type of cover provided.

Are Hypnotherapy sessions covered by Medicare?

Unfortunately it is not covered by Medicare.

Is a referral needed from your doctor?

No. You don’t need to bring a referral from your doctor. However, with some health issues or pain, its advisable to see your doctor first. Just to rule out any underlying cause of your physical or emotional health issues.

Confidentiality of personal information

Information you provide during your hypnotherapy session is kept strictly private and confidential.

An experienced clinical hypnotherapist will help you create positive inner beliefs. In hypnosis you will set the wheels in motion, to make positive changes in the way you think, feel and behave.


I have been seeing Katherine for the past few weeks now, for anxiety, stress and childhood trauma. My experience has been wonderful, Katherine has a passionate and caring nature and has made all my sessions so comforting. I’m happy to report that she has help me cope through my feelings of stress and anxiety. Been able to deal with situations and thoughts better. My daughter has also seen her for gambling issues and the results have been great. Thank you so much Katherine, forever grateful.

I have been seeing Katherine for the last 5 weeks for a few long standing issues. I specifically received PSH Therapy which is is non confrontational, gentle and relaxing. Katherine has been the most wonderful and caring therapist I’ve been to in a long time. Highly recommended.

I was skeptical but open to it. I’m so glad i went, very effective. With a few sessions (over two separate periods) i was able to overcome my anxiety driving and at work, and was able to obtain my driver license and got two promotions at work soon thereafter. To this day (7 years later) i still remember key messages given to me by Katherine when driving! If you are on the fence, give it a go. Can’t rate it high enough. Katherine inspired me to study hypnotherapy…

I cannot recommend Katherine enough! She helped us with hynobirthing preparation for all three of our children’s births. On our third child she also helped my wife through some anxiety issues around the birth. Each birth was both calm and quick with each child entering the world in a very tranquil way. We are very lucky to have crossed her path. If you are considering using Katherine’s services then don’t hesitate as we had the best experience with her.

I went to see Katherine because of my anxiety. I had only two sessions and saw a noticeable improvement with not only my anxiety but also my concentration & clarity, especially at work. I used to get so worked up about little things but finding I’m much better than I was. Very happy with my experience!

I had anxiety on busy and really packed public transport hypnotherapy did help me a lot to get over it , I was a bit sceptical expecting something with clocks and tea cups and move stuff but it is actually nice and relaxing for me it was like a guided meditation to get over my anxiety. Thank You