Stop Smoking - Quit Vaping – with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking or to quit vaping puts you back in control.

Why would you use hypnotherapy?
Because quitting by yourself is stressful and frustrating.

The thought of quitting smoking is nerve-racking, isn’t it?

Part of you wants to quit, but… another part of you makes you panic.

You’re caught in a vicious cycle. You know you are not alone…

 When you’re looking for a stress-free way to stop smoking – you’ll discover quit smoking hypnosis is the easiest and quickest way to succeed. 

I used to be a smoker too, I know exactly what you are going through.

Read on… find out how you can stop smoking – stress free – with hypnotherapy.

Break free from beliefs, habits and thoughts that “run amok” in your mind
~ prepare to stop smoking with hypnotherapy.

Do you want to butt out that cigarette for good?

Tell me… how many times have you stressed over stopping? More times than you care to remember?

  • Have you made New Year resolutions? 
  • Were you wholeheartedly determined to stop smoking “this year”?
  • At some point you set a “quit date” on your calendar for “next month”.
  • Every time you coughed you made a promise to yourself; you are going to quit “tomorrow”.

Regretfully, you’ve gone back on your word; again and again. 
Maybe it’s time to ask yourself; if making resolutions wasn’t enough?
What will it take to butt out that cigarette for good?

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Is Vaping a substitute to smoking?

Recently you’ve even tried vaping, hoping it will help you stop smoking.
It didn’t help. Now you are addicted to vaping instead.

You’ve heard about hypnosis from a friend. It’s got you thinking.
Quit smoking and vaping with hypnosis… does it really work?

Because I used to be a smoker I know your frustration. It’s awful to have cigarettes controlling you.

And I know hypnosis helped me to stop smoking permanently… and it can help you too.

Difference between quit smoking ‘failure and success’

People get mixed results from Nicotine Patches, Gum, eCigarettes, Vaping or quitting cold turkey.
Hypnotherapy is different from other attempts at quitting.

Why is hypnotherapy different?

Most likely, it’s because hypnotherapy addresses both physical and psychological reasons of nicotine addiction. Hypnotherapy also removes the fear of withdrawal symptoms.

How come some people fail to stop smoking, while others succeed?

The difference between failure and success comes down to: “in hypnosis your commitment for stop smoking becomes far greater than your fear of withdrawal symptoms” ~

Does failure to quit smoking affect you emotionally?

Yes, it does. Repeated failure to quit smoking leads to problems such as; lack of self-control, lower willpower and self-confidence.

There’s a lot more at stake here than just smoking itself.

Every time you fail, you reinforce that failure.

Subsequently, you end up feeling even worse than before.

Mental Rehearsal to prepare to quit smoking (easy self-hypnosis 5 step guide)

Learn a quick and easy method of self-hypnosis and visualisation.

Mentally and emotionally prepare yourself to be a non-smoker.

Quit smoking 5 easy self hypnosis steps to freedom

Click here for “written” instructions for self hypnosis to quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy for stop smoking is not just a theory, it produces lasting results for many people.

Pregnant women have also found that hypnosis is a safe and fast way to stop smoking in early pregnancy.

Quit smoking research

Research into quit smoking – the American College of Chest Physicians indicates:
  1. “Hospitalised patients who smoke are more likely to quit smoking through the use of hypnosis, than patients using other smoking cessation methods.”
  2. “Smoking patients who participated in one hypnotherapy session were more likely to be non-smokers at 6 months. Compared with patients using nicotine replacement therapy alone or patients who quit “cold turkey.”

Health issues associated with smoking

You already know there are many health risks associated with smoking.

Would you still smoke if you had a health scare?

Article in Science Daily reported that many people continue to Smoke even after being Diagnosed with Cancer. This causes me a great deal of concern.

What will it take for you to decide to become a non-smoker?

Is Vaping a health risk?

Vaping has become widely popular as a replacement for cigarette smoking. With no unpleasant smell, users find e-cigarettes reduce the traditional stigma of smoking.

Young people and adults mistakenly believe the vape cartridges, mixed with appealing fruit flavourings, are harmless. A Professor of Medicine at John Hopkins Hospital says that although vaping may not be as dangerous as smoking, it’s not a safe practice. Variety of e-cigarettes and vape “juices” contain nicotine, unidentified chemicals and addictive substances. Existing evidence indicates that e-cigarettes are not harmless products. Major concerns are being raised about safety of vaping and use of e-cigarettes.

It begs a question; are people given sufficient enough information about alternative ways to stop smoking? Alternative ways such as hypnosis, which does not involve nicotine replacement substances, vaping, e-cigarettes, nicotine patches and gum?

Is it ever too late to stop smoking?

No… It’s never too late to stop smoking. Especially if you already have a serious health condition.

Are you afraid that because you’ve smoked all those years, that your health has already suffered. That you’ve already developed wheezing, coughing and other related symptoms?

Do you say to yourself; “it’s probably too late to quit now”.
Or even if you quit now “it won’t make much difference”.

Don’t make excuses… as soon as you quit, your body starts to repair itself. You’ll notice improvements in your breathing and reduced coughing.  Even your sense of taste and smell will improve just a few days after stopping.

Australian Hypnotherapists Association publish studies and research on smoking cessation. The results indicate hypnosis to be the most reliable method to quit smoking.

Stop Smoking Case History: Hypnotherapy

What will it take to become a non-smoker?

Well, you’re not just trying to see how long you can go without a cigarette?
Of course not… you want to quit. And you want to quit for good this time!

Then let me show you how. Individually structured hypnotherapy sessions can help you quit.

Reasons you are addicted to smoking

During your hypnotherapy sessions we will look at the reasons why you smoke in the first place. We will find ways to help you quit easily and permanently.

  • Firstly, it’s important to let go of the addiction to smoking, but to also deal with the many reasons why you’ve continued to smoke.
  • Secondly, we will assess if smoking/vaping has created misconceptions. Are you falsely convinced it’s a good way to relax or deal with boredom or anxiety?
  • Thirdly, is it a reward when you accomplish something or an escape when things get stressful?

Is it true that you love smoking?

Here are some other implications about smoking to consider, such as;

  • you say you love smoking or vaping
  • it’s the only thing you enjoy in life
  • worry about getting stressed and short tempered
  • fear that if you stop smoking you’ll eat more and gain weight

If that’s the case – then we need to find more positive ways to meet those needs. So that you don’t go back to smoking or turn to eating unhealthy.

What happens during a session of hypnosis for stop smoking?

An excerpt from a typical case history of a stop-smoking hypnosis session with a client.

… Alice is a past client who stopped smoking for good.

Her goal: to be healthy and smoke free.

Individually structured suggestions were explored to help her stop smoking. Hypnotic reinforcement: no matter where she is or what she is doing, she’ll remain a non-smoker who is calm and in control.

After all, who better than her to be in control over the way she feels, thinks and responds in all situations.

Typical Stop Smoking Case History…

Further suggestions were made to overcome her concerns about ‘putting on weight”. After quitting smoking she will easily remember to eat healthy meals, to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy shape and size.

At the end of her session Alice opened her eyes and said she felt very relaxed. When she was ready to leave she paused, reached into her handbag. She took out the remainder of her cigarettes and squashed them. With a big grin on her face, she put them in the bin. Alice also booked another session to reinforce everything. To make sure she stays a non-smoker long term.

Are you ready to join Alice in becoming a non smoker?

In conclusion, stop smoking with hypnosis and you are much more likely to succeed in quitting for good.

There is no better time than today to start on the path to becoming a non-smoker.

When you are ready feel free to call me to discuss your stop smoking goals.

What’s the cost of a packet of cigarettes?

Cigarette prices in Australia are said to be the most expensive in the world. Currently, a packet of cigarettes costs between $35 and $40 (these prices hike-up every year). So, a pack a day smoker spends $245 to $280 or more per week on smokes.

What is the cost a quit smoking program?

The cost is $350 per single stop smoking session
Alternatively the stop smoking “program” is $590 and includes 2 x sessions of hypnotherapy
(less than a cost of a week or two worth of cigarettes)

Here is the full list of fees for hypnotherapy sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

Usually 2 sessions are recommended. Hypnotherapy is a brief form of therapy, although sometimes few more sessions are needed to deal with other underlying emotions.

Go ahead, get in touch and commit to a session or two of hypnosis to help you quit. Its cheaper than the cost of all those packets of cigarettes. You know you are going to spend the money on smoking anyway! So why not spend the money on investing in your future health and wellbeing.

Frequently asked questions:

Funnily enough, no. I don’t swing a watch to put you in a trance or make you do weird things. Forget about what you’ve seen on stage shows or Hollywood movies.

Being in hypnosis is not mind control.

Experience of a hypnotic trance is a calm, safe state of mind. One that you naturally go in and out of daily. Trance is a deeper kind of inner absorption, mindfulness and concentration.

Majority of people say hypnosis feels very familiar. That’s because you come in and out of different states of hypnosis daily. But you just don’t realise it.

While you are in hypnosis your attention is so focused (think of driving a car) that distractions are temporarily blocked out or ignored.

Hypnotherapy works well – when you have a desire to make changes.

For example; if you are keen to stop smoking or you are keen to stop gambling, than hypnotherapy can work for you. But it will not force you into becoming a non-smoker or non-gambler against your will.

In other words, hypnotherapy does work, when you are committed to quitting limiting beliefs, bad habits and compulsive behaviours.

If you are not ready or willing – hypnotherapy is not going to work.

This is why hypnosis is not an ideal choice for people who are “not committed” to it.

Half hearted New Year Resolutions to quit smoking rarely work.

Being “talked into” quitting by friends or family doesn’t always help. Even Referral’s from a GP won’t produce desired results, if the patient is not ready to quit.

Hypnotherapy is not recommended for patients who are suffering with hallucinations or psychotic symptoms and delusions. Similarly, hypnotherapy sessions are not suitable for people who are under the influence of narcotics, drugs or alcohol.

Its important to emphasise that hypnotherapy is the start and not the finish of an inner process. Keep in mind that hypnosis is not a magic wand. Positive results can happen quickly, although they don’t always happen overnight.

Give yourself a chance!

Positive behavioural changes and mental health improvements continue, for quite some time. Even long after the sessions are done.

Stop the nicotine addiction fast!

NO more money down the drain.
And NO more feeding the nicotine addiction.

Forget about cigarettes, smoking or vaping.
Compulsive smoking affects you financially and physicaly.

You’ve been there, done that. Now you’re over it.

You are not stuck. Your are just committed to certain habits and patterns of behaviour. Because it helped you in the past. Now the behaviour is more harmful than helpful. The reason you can’t move forward is because you keep applying the same old formula to a new level of your life. Change the formula to get a different result. ~ Emily Maroutian

Client Feedback:

Below are client comments, about their success to stop smoking. Many have told me with hypnosis ‘it was much easier’ to break the addiction to smoking. Far easier than they thought it would be.

I first heard about this therapy from a good friend who was struggling with a gambling addiction. He tried everything and this was his last option. Well it’s been 4 years and he still can’t go near any pokies. Then I recommended many friend for various problems to go and try hypnotherapy and all are happy. Finally today my wife completed her second session treatment and she’s stopped smoking. Not to mention all the health reasons for not smoking. The money spent on this treatment is worth it hundred times over. ~

Google review

I had hypnosis to help me quit smoking and drinking. Today is 2 years since I’ve had a cigarette. It’s been 16 months since I’ve had a drink and now I go to the gym 3 times a week. I’m the healthiest I’ve been since I was a teenager and I’ve lost 10kg. Since having hypnotherapy I’ve changed my life in ways I hadn’t even considered

Google review

I had hypnosis to help me quit smoking and drinking. Today is 2 years since I’ve had a cigarette. It’s been 16 months since I’ve had a drink and now I go to the gym 3 times a week. I’m the healthiest I’ve been since I was a teenager and I’ve lost 10kg. Since having hypnotherapy I’ve changed my life in ways I hadn’t even considered

Google review

One woman recently said: “she felt like she’d not even smoked before”. Another one said: “Since my sessions of hypnosis to quit smoking, I have not been tempted to have a cigarette, even though I’ve been around smokers.”

Over the years I’ve tried to quit on my own, I tried patches and gum to no avail. As a last resort I made an appointment to see you for hypnosis. I wanted to let you know that I am a non-smoker now.”

As I am now I’m in my late sixties I was more than keen to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy helped me forget about smoking.

I welcome the opportunity to be of help to you, or your friends and family. Get in touch for more information on hypnosis to quit smoking or vaping. To make an appointment you can book online or call me today!

My name is Katherine Ferris, a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Stop Smoking specialist in Sydney CBD and Annandale, call now 02 9568 6801 or 0414 585 595