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Hypnosis for stop gambling puts you back in control

Is gambling becoming a serious financial problem for you?

At first you think it is just a flutter. A bit of fun! Few dollars here and there…

You convince yourself you can handle it.

You get hooked…

Once you are hooked; no matter if it is sports gambling; poker machines; or TAB horse racing; or the casinos; gambling becomes a bad habit that is difficult to break by willpower alone.

Many people say they managed to stop gambling for a short time. But they took it up again because they become bored or irritable or difficult to live with.

Until, even to your own disbelief, you find yourself time and time again, betting away your hard earned money each week.

Sadly, gambling can soon become an addiction that you can’t control. It is now controlling you… emptying your bank account.

Even though you know all this you’re still finding it difficult to give up.

Well, you are not alone.

Does failure to stop gambling affect you emotionally?

Those repeated attempts and failures to stop gambling can frequently lead to problems such as; guilt, shame, low self-esteem, lack of control over your finances and low self-confidence.

There’s a lot more at stake here than just gambling itself. Every time you fail, you reinforce that failure. You hide the truth from others about your gambling losses. You feel guilty for keeping it a secret.

Subsequently, you end up feeling even worse than before. Your trust in your willpower and your self-worth is eroded.

You’ve been there, you’ve done that. Now you are over it…

Stop Gambling Hypnosis therapy has helped many people, just like you, to stop gambling permanently!

emotional and financial relief achieved with hypnotherapy to stop gamblingHypnosis for stop gambling puts you back in control. No more money down the drain. No more feeding the poker machines or TAB horse racing or sports betting.

You will be glad to know what a huge relief it is to many of my clients, who happily share their long term success at being a non-gambler. And they recommend my hypnotherapy services to their friends to help them stop gambling too.

The difference between failure and success comes down to this:
“with hypnosis your desire and commitment for success becomes far greater than your fear of failure” ~ Katherine Ferris

There is no better time than today to start on the path to becoming a non-gambler.

Go ahead, get in touch and commit to a session or two of hypnosis to help you stop. You are going to spend the money anyway, so why not spend the money on investing in your future financial and emotional health and stop gambling for good.

For more information on clinical hypnotherapy to stop gambling or if you want to make an appointment for a hypnosis therapy session, call today to speak to Katherine Ferris, a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stop Gambling and Emotional Health Therapist in Sydney on 02 9568 6801, complete my contact form or book a session online.

Written by: Katherine Ferris, specialist in clinical hypnotherapy for stop gambling.