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Hypnofertility Assists with Unexplained Infertility Issues

Hypnofertility or hypnosis for infertility is becoming more popular with couples who are experiencing problems becoming pregnant.


You catch yourself daydreaming of having a gorgeous little baby… but the very next moment you become too afraid to get your hopes up… Every day you stress about your biological clock ticking and preoccupied with falling pregnant…this is where hypnofertility can help …

Frequently you hear that the infertility rates are on the rise. People talk about couples trying for a baby and suffering silently from unexplained infertility, saying that it is “just not that easy” to have a baby. Conversations like these can cause you a great deal of emotional upsets, not to mention the increase in your already soaring stress levels when you are trying to conceive.

And if you are over 35 you are considered to be at “high-risk”, causing you even further stress! But stress hormones, as researchers have established, do not contribute to an environment conducive for pregnancy.

Stress and infertility

All this stress brought on by trying too hard, can actually be the underlying cause of your unexplained infertility. When you become too consumed with worry, your negative mind takes over and further undermines your chances. You may inadvertently be causing a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure and infertility. Hypnotherapy can help…

Studies indicate “infertile” women using fertility hypnosis have far greater success in conception rates, compared to those not following these methods. Hypnofertility is a non-invasive hypnotherapy program designed to help couples who are attempting to conceive naturally or who are considering IVF treatments.

IVF and fertility hypnotherapy

When natural conception is delayed, couples begin searching for alternative methods, including IVF. It is encouraging to learn that hypnofertility, a clinical hypnotherapy program, is especially designed to support women undergoing IVF procedures or alternative treatments.

Hypnofertility CD

Fertility hypnosis CD for pregnancy and conceptionTo help you manage stress and anxiety, we have produced an infertility hypnosis CD to deal with tension and underlying negative emotions. Hypnotherapy for fertility helps with stress control and makes your journey to conception easier.

Devoting time to feel calm and peaceful enhances your health and wellbeing while trying to fall pregnant. This is the most precious gift you can give yourself in preparation for conception.

The Science behind hypnosis for fertility

Hypnosis for fertility is a proven technique to help couples who are trying to conceive. Educated experts from around the globe are proving the effectiveness of hypnosis to stimulate fertility.

  • A recent Israeli study by Professor Eliahu Levitas conducted with 185 women, showed that the success rate of IVF doubled from 14% to 28%, when the subjects underwent fertility hypnosis during implantation.
  • Dr Alice Domar had her studies published in several important journals, such as Fertility & Sterility (1990 and 2000) and the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association (1999). She emphasises the importance of “mind/body” techniques, including self-hypnotic suggestions, to reduce stressors interfering with conception and a healthy pregnancy in couples trying for a baby. Dr Domar is the author of Conquering Infertility, and other books on the topic. See Dr Domar’s research in the Science Daily.
  • Dr Gayle Peterson developed a technique called Body-Centred Hypnosis. Dr Peterson found that high anxiety states in the mother must be reduced in order to normalise pregnancy and birth. She cites several research studies that suggest a positive link between fertility and treatments based on hypnosis, providing evidence that fertility hypnotherapy helps couples trying to conceive. She is a pioneer in the field of mind/body states and their effects on fertility, pregnancy and birthing.
  • Research carried out by the University of Western Australia, further supports the benefit of fertility hypnosis, finding: “There is now compelling evidence that psychosocial stress is a cause of reproductive suppression in women.”
  • Dr Ernest L. Rossi specialises in psychobiology, the relationship between the mind and the physical body. He has conducted extensive research to suggest that human genes must be in a state of physical readiness for conception to take place. His findings suggest that hypnotic-type suggestions (such as those found in fertility hypnosis) can activate specific genes involved with fertility and conception.
  • At the Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon, a team of researchers led by Katharina Hirschenhauser has concluded that men who actively want to be fathers automatically adjust their testosterone levels at exactly the right time (the middle of their partners’ menstrual cycles). Perhaps there is no better hypnosis for infertility than for the male partner to suggest to himself that he wants to become a father.

In conclusion, hypnosis for infertility is designed to help reduce the stress, anxiety and frustration of unexplained infertility, allowing you to feel calmer and in control. Studies indicate “infertile” women using hypnosis have far greater conception success rate. Hypnofertility cost is $210.00 a session.

Written by Katherine Ferris Hypnotherapist, Hypnofertility Specialist

If you would like to discuss your personal situation with Katherine Ferris, a Registered Hypnotherapist and hypnofertility specialist in Sydney and Annandale, Inner West Sydney or if you have any further questions or concerns about hypnosis for fertility, please feel free to contact me by phone 02 9568 6801, complete my contact form or book a session online.